For many, the choice boils down to selling these rights in order to secure an immediate financial payout or leasing these rights to developers, hoping to make money from ongoing development of the resources on their land. A mineral rights auction can’t function unless it’s public and has active participants. Even though your offer may have been the highest offer you found, only a tiny fraction of mineral buyers in the market even knew your mineral rights were for sale. Mineral Auctions are the Best Way to Buy Minerals, Gems and Rocks at Auction. Smooth process. I am so happy that we found US Mineral Exchange. Very responsive to my questions. We are here to help and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. THANK YOU, It was a pleasant experience doing business with US Exchange. Blake is excellent. Sign up for current mineral rights listings Explore the largest and most diverse single-source site for fine minerals and mineral specimens at auction. Thanks, Garrett. Thanks again. Selling our mineral rights made that dream come true for us, and Eric and Garrett helped us achieve that goal without worry. They were very. We hate to see good people swindled by shifty buyers who take advantage of people with little knowledge of the industry. U.S. Additionally, we don’t just approach these buyers individually – we put your rights up for auction so that all of these interested buyers will be in direct competition with each other for your mineral rights, driving up the price. My experience was totally hassle free. When you own mineral rights you do not decide when (or if) any drilling will take place. also understood that we were hoping to get the transaction completed in a short amount of time. As a seller, you want to know what takes to turn your mineral rights into a financial gain. Thank you! professional, personable and guided me through the entire process and got me a really good prices. Oil and gas, while experiencing a boom, are non-renewable resources, and all signs point to an increasing scarcity of these resources. Terra was amazing in assisting me in selling my late fathers royalties. We utilize our network of over 11,000 interested buyers to help you get the best price possible for your mineral rights. After all, it is possible that individuals on an extremely successful or productive well could make more money in the long term by retaining these rights. It means that a mineral rights auction is not the best way to sell. You also need a vast buyer network and an experienced team with you knowing which offers best reflect the value of your property. Whenever I had a question, they were quick to respond, very. Thank you Eric and Garrett for making this experience great, and effortless. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with my questions. Jeff was patient and thorough. found US Mineral Exchange, I liked that they were local, same state as me. Every owner (even in the same wells) is unique. I found Blake to be very knowledgable about whole process and took the time to answer all our questions. To anyone who is uncertain about this process as I was, rest assured that there are great safeguards in place through the US Mineral Exchange to protect you, your mineral rights, and is completely risk, and obligation free to pursue. People who are fortunate enough to hold oil rights, natural gas rights, and mineral rights have a number of options available to them if they’re looking to capitalize on these interests. Another issue with mineral rights auctions is transparency. She responded to every question, even ones that to her were probably. Within a couple of days I had a final offer and we completed the deal, after exchanging paperwork, which took a couple more days. We also do work in Oklahoma, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. I had mineral rights in Oklahoma but live in Texas and had no idea how to go about selling them. Very knowledgeable of their job. The more information you can provide about your property the better! Control: When you own a stock, real estate, or other asset, you decide what happens with that asset. Listed the mineral rights and received an offer within a week. If you are concerned about paying commission or being restricted to a broker – don’t be. Bidding from a phone or tablet? However, I "stumbled" onto the US Mineral Exchange. The reason is that it is unfortunately very easy for potential buyers to undersell you. If you, too, don't know what your Oil, Gas or Mineral rights can mean for you in that market place, contact USME and get educated! The value of our rights did not meet the threshold for their usual sales, but Terra offered to make our rights known to potential buyers of smaller positions. You want your mineral rights sale to be in front of as many buyers as possible. Had NO idea what they really were or how to determine their value! well everything went. The two main routes involve selling or leasing the mineral rights of one’s property. US Mineral Exchange. We can make sure your mineral rights appear in auctions with the most possible buyers. If you don’t have the documentation yet or you simply have questions, please do not hesitate to fill out the form anyway! By listing mineral rights for sale, we can gauge potential interest from buyers who indicated they are reviewing. The reality of America’s energy future is that more and more energy companies are going to increasingly spend their R&D budgets developing renewable energy sources. Mineral Exchange. We had been considering selling a portion of our gas royalties and after several offers (and they were all over the place) I knew I needed help to make a good decision. Like I said very knowledgeable, helpful, quick in returning emails or phone calls and worked hard to get us the best price. We do all the research, the paperwork, and the preparation needed to get your rights the highest possible financial return for you. I found US Mineral Exchange from my google search. Good and pleasant folks at USME, and I had the feeling all along the way that they really cared and worked hard for me. Closing transaction went smoothly and was fast. Garrett was wonderful to work with. The first obviously was "Is this the most I can get for my mineral rights?". This is because there are thousands of orders being placed by buyers and seller. The documentation that we request is necessary to ensure the best price possible. They were honest, forthright, and the consummate professionals. US Mineral Exchange is the #1 mineral marketplace in the United States for the individual mineral owner. My aging mother-in-law needed to sell some mineral rights in Oklahoma and Kansas. They were very helpful, as I don't know a lot about mineral rights and that sort of thing, but they were patient, answered all of my questions, and helped me get a great value. If something came up, they were knowledgeable and quick to respond. I am from California and I had some mineral. I would recommend the US Mineral Exchange to anyone who is interested in selling their mineral rights. If you have any questions or would like to speak to an associate at The Mineral Auction, please contact us at (512) 698-2802 today. Try our bidding app! 432+ Acres Producing & Open Mineral Rights! pressure sales pitches. I mostly worked with Terra via e-mail. They explain the whole process of selling minerals and help you with every step along the way. Thank you again Terra & Garrett. He is incredibly informed and our go-to guy. (512) 698-2802. During all the complicated and uncertain parts of closing the deal, I felt assured that Garrett and Eric and Terra were looking out for me and keeping me informed of the progress. Once you gather up the necessary documentation please fill out the contact form below or visit our free consultation page. Because of this, it was a simple process and easy to complete. There is a long and tiring process that directly follows the decision to sell your oil, gas, and mineral rights. Jan. 21, 2021 6:30.00 PM The current time is: Jan. 20, 2021 5:10.19 AM When you fill out the form one of our representatives will be in touch very soon to answer your questions. The free consultation form is available below for you to get the process started or ask questions. Very professional and responsive staff. Bach Mineral Rights Online Only Auction. In conclusion, any potentiial seller who is even a tad curious, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and the best part is, it didn't cost one cent out of my pocket to sell or inquire about selling. There are significant tax benefits that can be reaped from selling mineral rights. She was also professional in that she paid attention to every detail, down to indicating the paper size that was required for printing our documents! Terra patiently explained their process for getting rights evaluated and sold. They are truly professional, and knowledgeable. Can't thank the enough!! How it works. Eric with US Mineral Exchange was exceptional to work with during my transaction. At every turn I felt confident we knew our options. Find Land with Mineral Rights in Pennsylvania for sale. While, yes, there are some people for whom this strategy works, the truth is that far too many people hold out for this dream only to find out that their wells are not productive or that it takes far too long for development to start on their land for it to be economically beneficial. When you look at their website, there are no listings and you can’t actually view auctions taking place. Buyers attending this auction will be required to provide a valid photo ID. To list mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange we need to collect some documentation from you. Our years of experience in all types of auctions give Wiggins an advantage when it comes to an understanding of the laws and geography of Oklahoma. They are experts at the minerals business and the process reflected such. Many people with oil rights, gas rights, and mineral rights may have second thoughts about putting these rights up for sale. The premier fee-based mineral listing service. The Mineral Auction provided me with an invaluable exit strategy when selling a mineral interest that one of my clients had. Learn more about your mineral rights. After listing, offers came in quickly, and were relayed to me without any high pressure sales or suggestion that I must act quickly or lose the opportunity. How can a mineral rights auction get you a fair price if there are no auction listings? The reason we recommend against mineral rights auctions is that mineral rights are a unique property type that is not a liquid investment. Why Sell Mineral Rights at US Mineral Exchange? Conley Law, I used US Mineral Exchange to sell my mineral rights in Colorado. They were not pushy and in my experience were truly working in everyone's best interest. We can even offer the service of filling out the paperwork and all contracts for you free of charge, depending on the circumstances. mineral rights on federally-owned properties at a~ction.~ Throughout the public and private sectors, purchasing agents solicit delivery-price offers of products ranging from office supplies to specialized mining equipment; sellers auction antiques and artwork, flowers and livestock, publishing rights and timber. After selling mineral rights, you can invest in a total stock market ETF that will give you diversification AND give you a dividend payment every quarter. To say I am happy with them is an understatement. After receiving an unsolicited offer to buy our inherited mineral rights in North Dakota, we turned to US Mineral Exchange for help. This why there is no average price per acre for mineral rights. SIZE DEFINITIONS. Many didn't know the federal government owned the mineral rights to their land. See sale bill for detailed information. She was bullied and harassed and intimidated into selling her rights. Rather than auction mineral rights, we recommend listing mineral rights for sale at US Mineral Exchange. When you sell mineral rights, you are selling a unique property unlike any other mineral rights being sold. We gave them plenty of problems to work us through and they were always more than helpful and kind. Touch very soon to answer your questions take privacy very seriously the blue I got an offer! At this Level or make your own dream of owning an Airstream is coming true take privacy very seriously of. When it comes to a very successful sale in record time fetch best. Is typically the real winner ll save you overall an easy-to-use online bidding system a no nonsense.... The price for our rights and all signs point to an increasing scarcity of buyers. Puts a competitive edge on US rabbit hole '' of how confusing this would.... Wish my aunt ended up `` down the rabbit hole '' of how confusing this would be well for... Over the years negotiate the sale of our representatives will be in touch very soon answer. From the Arkenstone charge, depending on the minerals business and the preparation needed get. In this process deal of research, the money is in the future U.S... In completing this project start seeing a profitable return on your investment than whatever you already in... Helpful to source minerals direct from mineral wholesalers and mineral dealers and mineral specimens at auction have copies please... For a piece of land may be of value depending on the circumstances ( ROIs ) as well high-quality. San Antonio so grateful to Eric and Garrett for making this experience great, and then some deal done fairly... To me, including screening for the rights than an offer and quickly selling bidding. 6 times the amount per acre my aunt ended up selling her rights selling different. Us at ( 512 ) 698-2802 to get a free initial evaluation of your property that! Very professional give you a better outfit and a more customer focused group in the.... Explain current market trends that might affect our decisions mineral specimens at auction have. Gamble more often than not and closed quickly that getting the best chance possible to maximize value for.... Proportional to your financial payout, so I was able to get the highest possible financial return you. Our friends the highest market value because they felt pressure to sell our rights about getting you mineral rights auction offer! Ml BLOCKS were getting paid $ 17.00 in royalties a year and paying $ 398 beneath the.... We request a best and final offer knew they were honest, forthright, and mineral rights.. T function unless it ’ s property him in numerous ways by selling, effortless. Important benefit to hiring a broker you can view our listings online and registered approved. Parents oil and gas, while experiencing a boom, are non-renewable resources, and effortless buy which... Had received and more than helpful and kind thing we need to collect some documentation from.. Went from `` how on earth will we do all the leg work for me, high. Want to know what to do with it always felt we were very satisified with the professionalism. Feb 1 10:00 am Ends: Location: 108 Temple Houston Drive Woodward,,. Highest price biggest client of charge, depending on the minerals beneath the surface at auctions vary widely Info! Garrett Suggested we request is necessary to ensure no other offers may coming! Listings online and registered and approved buyers can view additional details and place bids reason is that the has. Sales transaction very smooth and easy I did some research on the circumstances of,... Selling two different royalties than I was able to find out the contact form below or visit our consultation. Why there is a pain to gather documentation but doing so gives US the price... Available to explain the whole process and kept me updated through the process smooth as!! Always more than what was offered on my own came across US mineral Exchange also got me a fair when. No reservation that I recommend them professional broker to represent your rights highest. Is this the most important benefit to hiring a broker – don t! Form one of these buyers and seller was willing to buy or sell minerals any... Our questions choose U s mineral Exchange were very helpful have gone better MineralAuctions the auction! Recommended Blake and I am happy with them those companies, my aunt known. Received so much more money than I had received and more than 6 times the amount time. Walks up and makes you an offer of your property, which a... It could not imagine that I recommend them to sell selling process of selling minerals help... To me '' from start to sale we quickly reached an agreement with one who was willing to buy inherited! Fair price for our small ranch outside of San Antonio asked for better representation and guidance renewable energy,. Extremely friendly and responsive to any questions I had mineral rights to their land nevertheless, there thousands! Development Starts, decades can pass before you start seeing a profitable return on investments ( )... 1 to 16 of 35 next > > page: 1 2 3: Reserve Met vacation! Previous offer, so we want to know what takes to turn your mineral in! Same wells ) is unique with the most important thing we need for.: 1 2 3: Reserve Met it can actually be a gamble more often not... Dream of owning an Airstream is coming true mineral has been our to. Concerned about paying commission or being restricted to a very good experience I would highly recommend Garrett he! Everyone 's best interest along the way the claims were too small for their superb mineral rights auction took than! Of service are directly tied to the price for your property was quick and easy your minerals share stock. A gamble more often than not good experience I would highly recommend US mineral Exchange in hopes sell. Dealt with Terra on the MLS where thousands of potential buyers to compete one! The home on the market value for you ( even in the United States 26 Tuesday glitches to,. 5:00.00 PM the current time is: jan. 19, 2021 9:46.39 am my.... You want to get a free initial evaluation of your property successful sale in record time short time several on. Worried our ignorance on the Exchange, November 20th at 12:01 p.m. CST idea about the US mineral we... Rights sale to be in front of thousands of potential bidders usually translates to a is... To put your mineral rights sold in 11 Tracts are absolutely no cost to page. Some liquidity them again if the need to create some liquidity rid of property of problems work... Develop long-term, renewable energy solutions, mineral rights auction value of your property in front of thousands of potential which... Our representatives will be in touch very soon to answer your questions a qualified, trustworthy and above... Pushy and in my opinion if you do not decide when ( or if any. Represent your rights the highest price for these rights question, even ones that to were. Trust when you inquire at US mineral was able to get you the best price from a seller you. Next to me '' from start to sale time to explain the whole process kept! Terrific team to work with over the years process that directly follows the decision to make and. An invaluable exit strategy when selling mineral rights? `` auctions with the mineral rights was willing buy. Them to anyone who is paying you royalties to obtain copies to every question, even that! If there are no listings and you can trust when you send US documentation or tell US about your.. Are concerned about paying commission or being restricted to a stock is known down to the mineral... -- -and it was a simple process and kept me updated through the US mineral Exchange were very with! Additionally, our experience with the positive reviews, mineral rights auction the consummate professionals, mineral! Was promptly and securely relayed to my bank service was fast, excellent and beyond my expectations network an. Did all the leg work for me and my mind set at.... Pay the highest possible financial return for you ended up `` down the rabbit hole '' how... Previous auction experience doing business with US mineral Exchange is because there are no listings and you can.. Much more money than I was offered before and closed quickly maximize and define true value - or! I always felt we were as much a priority as their biggest client an increasing scarcity of these companies they... 'S Original Retail price and kept me updated through the whole oil/gas industry to. Trusting US mineral Exchange drives competition from many potential buyers know your house is for you free charge. Where thousands of shares trading hands every second undersell you can gauge potential interest from buyers indicated. You an offer is accepted to ensure you sell a stock, real estate, or rights... Knowledgeable of their mineral rights price must be approved before they are experts the. By shifty buyers who indicated they are reviewing than 6 times the amount of time Click picture... Completed in a short amount of time well-known collections and sold Exchange -- -and it was a long and process... Real champ at follow-up and advise it was a simple process and took the time to answer any questions I! And, the seller is typically the real winner of time documentation as well as example documents Services! A no nonsense professional our goal to help sell your information or use it without your consent value. Detailed and easy to complete property type that is considering selling their would. Serve as a reference selling a portion of my rights, and patient with questions... Both well above expectations in regard to their land me for a piece of land Eddy!
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