It is the sole member of the genus Chromobotia.It originates in inland waters in Indonesia on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.It is a popular fish in the freshwater aquarium trade and is sold worldwide. nvm gonna keave this to other members. This site is a profile of the Clown Loach (Botia macracanthus), including habitat, all aspects of their care, feeding, and breeding and other information about these popular fish and Offers free ebook downloads and free dictionary downloads that every one can download free and free-to … These fish are known to eat any freshwater snail they can get ahold of. (I "blame" males lack of readiness or lack of something...huge tanks? You’ll see some fish with eye-popping orange while others have more subdued pale yellow. My tank is a 110gallon its just a tropical tank I wasn't intending on breeding the clown loaches. I have water changed every day and also changed my chemipures . The differences between the female and male fish are difficult to be seen from the appearance. When she's not writing about fish you can find her hiking, swimming, and doing yoga. Cobitis macracanthus Bleeker, 1852;Botia macracanthus (Bleeker, 1852); Botia macracantha(Bleeker, 1852) Several pairs of barbels surround their fleshy lips to help scavenge for food. Since the chances of success are so small, they’re better off in a consistent and stable environment. Red lumps don't sound good. Never a long potential lifespan as an excuse to cut corners with their care. The female has gotten huge in her abdomen and the males are brushing against her ( … Providing the right living conditions helps in extending their lifespan in captivity. Some people who erroneously use loaches for snail control in their aquariums assume that the fish will also eat the snail’s eggs. They are widely distributed and have been a staple in the fish-keeping community for several decades. Clown Loach has other name Toger Botia, & it is a fresh water fish that belongs to botiid loach family. Clown Loaches are one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium scene. These fish are easy to care for and absolutely beautiful. Learn more. There are a lot of factors that can affect the life expectancy of this fish. They come from inland waters in the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Our mission is to provide the best information online, and we could always use a little extra help! Clown loaches have only been bred without hormone injections a very very few times ever. Treating Egg bound goldfish with hormones and massage to stimulate egg release. It will give them more confidence, reduce stress, and make them more fun for you to observe. ’We didn’t choose this life, we’re just living it’. Author Note: Don’t forget to consider any copper sensitivities in the other species you own too. The clown loach with 12 cm for the length is in productive condition. They’re located just below the eyes and can extend as a self-defense mechanism. Clown Loach Sex Difference. So strong lights would only throw off their natural cycle. Breeding the Clown loach. For a small group of adult Clown Loaches, you’re going to need a tank that can hold 150 gallons of water or more. While there are definitely exceptions to the rule, this is not something we recommend (especially with bottom-dwellers). Lifespan of Clown Loach. You must log in or register to reply here. Since you've started it already, I'd continue for a full treatment. However, they often move to shallower bogs after the monsoon season. Even so, the loaches do not eat these eggs. Clown Loaches are peaceful and easy-going. Apart from the fact clown loaches don't get pregnant, they lay eggs, your loach is far too small to even be sexually mature, let alone filled with eggs. While these fish are pretty hardy, they’re not immune to suboptimal water conditions. They move to flooded bogs after the monsoon season to lay eggs. Unfortunately, Clown Loach breeding is very difficult in captivity. Other potential tankmates may include tinfoil barbs, and they also enjoy the company of the popular clown loach. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It's much more likely to be unwell. In pristine natural conditions, this species can reportedly live up to 25 years! Stick to these parameters, and you should have no problem keeping your fish healthy. I have a feeling that yours are slightly stunted but you've taken good care of them for a long time...30 YO is getting up there in even clown loach years. These colorful freshwater fish are primarily yellowish-orange. Unfortunately, uninformed people assume this manageable size will persist, and the clowns end up crowded into unsuitable tanks. It's even harder to imagine that this beautiful fish is eaten as food fish in Indonesia and Borneo, where it grows to over a foot in length. You’ll learn about their ideal tank size, diet, tank mates, and more! My clowns were 6-7 inches after 5? I have a 7-8 inch Clown Loach I've had for 30 plus years and she seems to be egg bound. Then the female may spread the eggs in aquarium. The Clown Loach is covered in several colors. Special Request: We know that some customers would like to make a special request with their order. Author Note: Keep the lighting relatively subdued. They are omnivores that readily accept most commercial food products without any issue. How are ya sure if she eggbound? At the very least, a group of juveniles must be kept in a 75-gallon tank. You can mix small rocks, pebbles, and gravel to provide a more natural look. Most owners will provide half of the dosage to avoid problems. They also have a larger tail with a more exaggerated “V” shape. We just don't know what may trigger successful spawning with clowns. She is egg bound I saw an egg get expelled on Saturday one egg and there hasn't been any since. The mouth of this freshwater fish is similar to catfish and other loaches. A water parameter? I've taken pictures of her backside and when you zoom in it looks like eggs under the skin and I've seen her drop and egg. To replicate this environment, fill the bottom of the tank with a sandy substrate. Clown Loaches love a well-decorated tank filled with plants and natural hiding spots. For most of their life, the fish live in large slow-flowing rivers. As a good rule of thumb, adults need about 30 gallons of space each. I've had botia-type loaches (& others) hold eggs for years safely without resorbing the eggs or spawning. They can help keep snail populations in your tank under control! Any non-aggressive fish that shares the same environmental needs will typically work just fine. If you need to do something, maybe epsom salt (either as a dip or tank tx) would be a helpful & safe alternative. You can usually see the fish swimming around the tank in the early morning or after the sun goes down. I get your purist but I logged on to this web site looking for help not so people could bash me. Temp was 82F, pH 6.7, nil Ammonia & Nitrite, Nitrate less than 25ppm in the tank where he placed the pipework with eggs. An antibiotic may help keep infection from setting in if she doesn't actually have 1. While it’s difficult to see, these fish do have pointy spines. We’ve been a huge fan of them for years, and recommend them to other aquarists constantly! Your fish can only stay healthy when they’re in the right environment. some records of spontaneous spawning of captive clown loach in aquarium (Hammond 1996;Clarke2007). Can you post a pic? Its orange and black striped body, red fins, and active behavior has made it one of the most popular loaches. Use a reliable testing kit and check the aquarium every few days. The reason it’s so difficult to breed Clown Loaches in captivity is that these fish migrate to spawn. Reviews: Click here to read some reviews from some of our customers about us and the fish they got from us. Most aquarists notice tiger botia for sale as juveniles.The black-and-orange fish come in around 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) at that age.. This makes them a great choice for beginners who want to add a splash of color to their tank (or seasoned aquarists who don’t want a high-maintenance species). The dorsal line is curved while the bottom of the fish is flat. Clown Loaches are not immune to health problems. It’s a playful behavior that’s a joy to watch! These fish come from warm tropical waters. Either way, the base color is accompanied by three black bands. Clown Loaches are known to be sensitive to a wide variety of medications. If you really want cichlids as well, we recommend just getting another tank. This guy breeds clown loaches. The ectoparasite is highly contagious and quickly spreads throughout the community. The female has gotten huge in her abdomen and the males are brushing against her ( not aggressive). Now, as adults, the minimum tank size goes up significantly., a division of Monster Aquaria Network, LLC. If you've ever seen a school of clown loaches, it's hard to resist bringing a couple of them home. As a result, they’ll do just fine in standard tropical tank conditions. The bands are vertical and take on a triangular shape. She seems to expel eggs OK, so not egg bound. Clown Loaches are … Clown loach aficionados are able to identify which region of the world their loaches originally came from by subtle variations in their markets. There’s a reason why this species is seen so often in the fishkeeping community! As you can tell, this is definitely not the case. When you combine this with their natural beauty, you get a species that deserves every bit of attention it gets. in this video, I'll be trying to breed my clown fish baby eggs.. the eggs are 8 days old, and about ready to hatch.. thanks for watching The female fish usually has the round abdomen because there are the eggs. Clown Loach care is very easy since these fish can adapt to most aquarium conditions well. Clown Loach care is not challenging and can be handled by just about anyone. This means that snails will still hatch, and their population will keep increasing in your tank. Clown loach starts eating live fishes as their food few weeks before spawning.The size of girth of females increases before spawning and it increases very rapidly. Avoid keeping them with other small bottom-dwelling fish, such as members of the cory family, as they compete for space and can exhibit aggression in … Because of this, we recommend avoiding any attempts for the health and happiness of your fish. The Clown Loach is a tropical freshwater fish species of the family Botiidae. When you see these fish in pet stores they’re usually no more than two or three inches long. There are so many other great tank mate options out there that the upside is not worth it in our opinion. There are many different types of aquarium catfish out there. Appropriately named for their vibrant colors, these fish make beautiful additions to community tanks. After that, add some driftwood, rocks, and caves. The Clown Loach is sexually dimorphic. The habit you're witnessing is maximum probable only a social habit of those playful fish. I've done small water changes I put fresh carbon in, I put Erythromycin in and I also add salt anything Else???? Clown Loach is an inexpensive fish but needs moderate care level. If there’s anything you think we should add to this care guide feel free to let us know. The goal is to provide an environment where these fish can live happy and healthy lives. The average Clown Loach size when fully grown is around 12 inches. A vast majority of the fish in the pet trade are wild-caught. Either way you should have 150 gallons or more and about 5 clown loaches IMO but I may be wrong. After hatching, feed the tiny fry on live cultivated infusoria. I would tend toward more water changes than treatments. The tank is a 110 tropical that also has 2 male Clown Loaches that I've had that long. Alison has been interested in fish and aquariums for over five years. Clown Loach for sale at . Read medication instructions closely to ensure that you’re treating your fish safely. These fish are most active when the lighting conditions are low. But it appears that this fish may become sexually mature only after many years (though young 2-3 year old females do carry eggs) and the fish has attained a length of at least 15.2-17.8cm (6-7"). When it comes to picking food for your Clown Loach, these fish are pretty easy to please. That upper dorsal line curves from the base of the tail to their underturned mouth! The clown loach woman might want to attain 7 inches formerly sexually mature. They’re found in tanks all over the world! Something seasonal? Though, some fish coming from Borneo tend to have black pigmentation on the pectoral fins. It’s nearly impossible to replicate those conditions in a captive environment. After all this time I wouldn't worry too much. However, they are especially at risk for Ich. The front stripe covers the eye like a mask while the back stripe extends into the dorsal fin. I have a 7-8 inch Clown Loach I've had for 30 plus years and she seems to be egg bound. However, this is quite rare in captivity. In the wild, the waters they call home are darker. Aquarium Source is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to However, you must exercise caution. Epsom salt may help with swollen tissue. Decorate your aquarium using a bottom substrate of sand or fine gravel that allows them to dig . We recommend plants like Java Moss, Hornwort, Water Spangles, Anubias, Riccia fluitans, and Amazon Sword plants. These clown loaches are between five and eight years old. Many of these reports stem from the fish being triggered to breed by the injection of hormones and not naturally. Even if they do get fertilized, the males and females will usually eat the eggs before they hatch! Some aquarists may get lucky and initiate spawning in the right conditions, but the eggs are rarely fertilized. Do you offer veggies like zucchini or romaine? The best Clown Loach tank mates are going to be others of the same species. This will allow you to provide consistency and prevent any unwanted shifts. Small, slightly golden eggs were on the tank sides and base and on some plastic pipe hidey-holes for the fish. Author Note: Clown Loaches have a moderate but steady growth rate. Clown Loach Breeding - Related Items ... Editor's note: The fact that this Clown had eggs inside is intriguing and if you compare the fish there are visible differences in shape that could be sex related. Brine shrimp works well, too. Then, fill the tank with all kinds of live plants! A neat thing about this fish is that you don’t have to worry about achieving a specific male-to-female ratio. When kept in groups, the fish will swim around and chase each other. Solitary fish or those kept in smaller pairs tend to be shyer and more skittish. It’s said that they can get a bit longer in the wild, but most fish will max out at this length when kept in captivity. © 2005-2019 Contrary to popular belief, Clown Loaches do have scales and can be treated with copper-based medicines. Never owned a tank large enough for them, but LOVE them. That will provide ample room to swim and grow. I also recommend using … The Clown Loach (scientific name: Chromobotia macracantha) is a peaceful freshwater fish with a quirky appearance. I get your purist but I logged on to this web site looking for help not so people could bash me. All other plants will be destroyed and/or eaten by the adult clown loaches. Standard filtration equipment will work fine with this fish (there’s no need to get anything heavy-duty). This species can handle slight fluctuations in their habitat without major problems. JavaScript is disabled. Some one gave me her 35 years ago and I already had the other 2 clown loaches. To avoid making that mistake, you need to plan for a spacious tank from the get-go. 6-7” should not be after 30 years but sooner too. years. One of the best ways to go is by providing sinking pellets and algae wafers as their main diet staple. Thus, you’ll need to quarantine infected fish as soon as possible. As you can see, there’s a reason why these fish are so popular. - … In fact, they’re one of the most popular…, Ever since we got into the aquarium scene we’ve been on the lookout for different kinds of colorful…, The 15 Best Types Of Freshwater Aquarium Catfish, The 27 Most Colorful Freshwater Fish For Your Aquarium, Indian Almond Leaves: Benefits For Your Aquarium, The 35 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants (Must-See), 35 Peaceful Community Fish For Your Tank (Updated List), Malaysian Trumpet Snail 101: Detailed Info & Care Tips.