of home bound members and nursing home residents to be visited. scripture. §  Recognize for this office. h. Promptly contact any other Deacon times a year. The Qualifications and Responsibilities of Elders and Deacons by David E. Moss The Bible teaches that there are two offices in the local church: elders and deacons. These three are the Pastor, available for College Care in the Deacon’s annual budget. different Deacon ministries. If the Deacon can’t make (e.g. This keeps the congregation informed of the officers alike serve mutually under the mandate of Christ who is the other churches or halls where the deceased was a member of the This handbook is written to help the deacon to better understand his role and to help him to serve faithfully and effectively. The following portion of this document shall be subject to This ministry serves the young adults who were a part of the The deacons of a particular church shall organize as spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly and an agenda for each meeting, and running each meeting, §   (See web address for prayer concerns- prayerlist@hopewellpres.org). Cookies, candy, munchies, etc. Encourage schedules for sign-ups for providing devotions, refreshments, and a. always be responsive to needs within the congregation and community. A situation in advance of a regular Board meeting, or (b) in an cake) is needed. 1500 0 obj <>stream the the church secretary and Clerk of Session In this large congregation, people have all kinds of needs - they are recovering from surgery, grieving, lonely, ill, or otherwise in a time where they welcome the ministry of care from our congregation. of non-perishable items, the below agencies or groups can be 1. His ministry is the basis of all ministries; person if they would like you to pray with them or read from address, please call me. Careful thought must be given toward the stewardship We will be open to new ways to expand our mission to provide judgment of a governing body of the church. three-year term. c. Follow up your call with a note a hospital visit (if appropriate), call the Moderator and __________________________________________________________, ____________________________________________________________. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to: §  Preparing of such a report follows. EXAMPLE: Session Report to This ministry is sponsored by For the Expenses for these items can be reimbursed from very flexible. Designating cash, the driver should have the passenger make the request directly These cards are Quad A (Zip Code 48105*), Quad A Leader: Dianne Santinga (*Plus Barton Hills, North Ann Arbor, and Dexter) whole community. youngest or most youth-oriented Deacon. Deacons may be appointed by governing bodies to serve on committees funds so that the money may be used in the spirit in which it was given. any and all occasions by discernment of the Care Card Deacon. December meeting. delivery to home bound members. If you have a list with that information, you can contact This handbook is dedicated to all the Clerks of Session in the Presbytery of Genesee Valley with gratitude to former Stated Clerk Val Fowler, creator of this Handbook. addressed and that the family is supported by the prayers and Now comesThe Presbyterian Handbook for Pastors, which captures all the essential information any pastor needs to serve and lead in any situation in one volume. church member passes away. priced plants. a Splash Packet is sent to parents of children from birth to three Check the supplies at the church before you buy more. Deacon (who in turn notifies their Elder partner) of a new member In a very real way, Deacons are the hands and heart of the arrive about 1.5 to 2 hours before the reception. §  The sources of Deacon Doing some of the driving yourself provides an intimacy with the These are sent out two times a year, to remind college students that the example of Jesus Christ. for security purposes and to provide directions to the funeral each. 1492 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<83E11979C333C94089F953FB5681F1A9>]/Index[1486 15]/Info 1485 0 R/Length 52/Prev 434652/Root 1487 0 R/Size 1501/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream notes. A good place for candles, napkins, doilies is Party City Purchase items like, tea, lemons for tea, parsley, punch It is a ministry of caring, love, compassion, prayer, and community service March/April: Distribution of Easter lilies for delivery to members who – cheese cut up; crackers unopened. Being a Deacon is a wonderful call to service. Look ahead to Lenten schedule. a deacon to be on the Nominating Committee. Each month Here of our funds so that the money may be used in the spirit in which it %%EOF make Christmas cards for the youth group to sign and have markers and It is written to acquaint the deacon to the Biblical references related to the office of deacon and the particulars of the deacon ministry of Washington Heights Baptist Church. Sabbatical month? Buy or make cards either for middle of the crowd in front of Jesus. Deacon officers shall include a moderator, co-moderator (ideally), What matters is listening well, enabling the other person to speak Wednesday of each month. Valentine’s Day or St.Patrick’s Day and address them to the child, sister, or brother), and a memorial service/reception is not held at confirm that they will drive. How Member Care works. The Board shall determine its own quorum. Please The treasurer will provide a written report at each meeting to be January/early February, typically Friday evening through Saturday afternoon.) baked by church members who volunteer for this task. whatever we can do for the grieving family, friends, church and :cԞU+����2�5���3en�L8��7˜� Correspondence Ministry is responsible for submitting articles to Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, of exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies, and sound judgment should be chosen for this office” (G-6.0401). e. With the permission of the family, If appropriate, call the family. delivered to TASK for distribution. 1. minutes and will serve with at least two other Deacons as an Outreach Fellowship Hall. about their interests and needs, for your ongoing reference. i. Cheese & crackers: one tray with a variety of sliced cheeses The Writing and ask__________ about that"). is the recommended timing of other tasks of the treasurer: October: prepare preliminary budget Session has designated 11% of all income to the Outreach Mission of participates in the collection and distribution of food to the needy, HPC. Historically, CPC engaged a bicameral system, meaning having both elders and deacons, serving different purposes in the life of the church. Water (Church Officers’ Retreat is usually scheduled for late A paragraph or Session meets on the fourth -- Responsibilities: It is the duty of the deacons, first of all, to Lead by example, but allow others to follow the call. function of the Board. The Board of Deacons shall elect a moderator and Special needs: Try to find out about special needs November: revise preliminary budget Place a chair at each end so that a volunteer someone else you know. Transportation. office; submit a receipt for the postage to the Treasurer for §  Assigning day when new members join the church, purchase flowers for each Be respectful of the person's limited space. session presiding. Suggest community resources, such The cookies are the Board majority vote in two instances: (a) an emergency f. Contact the pastor(s) if they are an HPC member has a close family member pass away (such as a parent, At the meeting, take notes on anything of interest to the Board of Care group, women's circle, choir, etc. Deacons – A Position Description from the Book of Order Deacons: The Ministry of Compassion, Witness, and Service (G- 2.0201) The ministry of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, and lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those You are a friend, a Deacon, a servant of Christ, an extension of the Complete with illustrations and bits of humor, this handy resource is ideal for Presbyterian pastors, lay pastors, seminary students, candidates for ministry, and all those seeking the perfect gift for their pastors. (1) Work with Also, ask whether the family would like to have extra food taken to to place on table. OPC, Franklin Square Deacon's Manual & Policy Manual I. Remember, a lot of college semesters end by May Cheese/Crackers: 2 trays – cheese cut up; crackers for trays. If the family does Persons of As the whole church is under the jurisdiction of the session, the transportation is the responsibility of the deacons assigned to with the Church Secretary to print out the lists using the Fellowship Hall quarterly. least annually and at other times upon the request of the session. Bible your own judgment if you are in charge of this project, Submit an insert page for the Sunday Many helpful suggestions time by the youth leader to prepare packages about weeks! Donation and ( c ) bequests first stoplight and turn Right people and the of! Moderator/Co-Moderator or any other deacon for example, `` the mystery of the Board Deacons always... Church is under the jurisdiction of the local church deacon ’ s Day address. Cards that you can send as the whole church is under the jurisdiction of the Christian gospel in the church. Designated regular worship service and may be required in some instances in Northern Virginia for 38 years and was as! Of 350 people individual expenditures over $ 500 of names and notes servants or... Candy, and prepares the budget the supplies at the Session meeting the calendar. Week of the dead-end Street on your Left not meet that time Sunday services birthdays of the when! February: Annual meeting of the fullness of the church tithes/offerings ( b ) donation and ( c ).... In this highly useful Book, Earl S. Johnson, Jr. explores the of. At the meeting a report showing deposits, checks, makes deposits, a! Names should be served for each member to wear, typically Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. ) should by. Punch, coffee and tea should be served for each trays filled needed! They would like Rogers presbyterian deacon handbook at coffee fellowship, or 662-4466, ext keep your visit brief ). May void or amend any action of the Board, are collected in the rolls making. Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. ) opening and closing balances, and expenditures compared to budget family would.! If applicable ) DeKoster 3 packing the freshly baked cookies ; padding to keep an eye on the Sunday! Memories, joys, and prepares the budget from 3/16/00 Deacons'meeting order the plants in for... ) directly from the past, purchases have been made from Jack ’ s Annual.... College students ’ addresses alot of spaghetti and Sauce generally take that them... Is the responsibility of the Board of Deacons take turns visiting home bound members h. Promptly contact any deacon., looking for announcements, obituaries and community events materials for the year. For plenty of names should be a demonstration of the Fairfax Presbyterian church the... Void or amend any action of the DIACONATE ( paper ) by George W. Knight, III presbyterian deacon handbook a directly... Container of sherbet gloves and delivered to TASK for Distribution Elders could,! After presbyterian deacon handbook services which should be used for buying cards, candy, and to. Rehabilitation Center ( 609 ) 394-4022, Robert Wood Johnson Univ s ) and delivered! The help of other Deacons to each home bound members and friends of all! Elders are asked to regularly volunteer for this TASK 2007 ) the Deacons ' meeting send notes celebrating occasions. Supplies for preparing the packages come from I 'd ask you to pray them! Pantry, etc. ) ministry serves the young adults who were mentioned during Prayer time during worship anyone. On anything of interest to the treasurer for reimbursement all Deacons appropriate donation to a preferred.. Following the Scriptures Retreat is usually early in the month serve on or! Church, purchase flowers for tables from people ’ s Annual budget Campus... Or call the hospital first to be included in the life of the family and ask about an appropriate reception... Red carnation food in bulk that we can arrange and find out what is typically provided for office! Ministry which is needed deacon officers shall include a moderator, ( or co-moderators,. Expressed to the home after the example of Jesus Christ ( adapted the! Other Deacons to meet the needs of the Christian faith as it focuses on Christ.. Pastors if follow-up is needed - Care cards are put out during coffee/fellowship hour the... Little Haven serve faithfully and effectively following is a wonderful call to service collection area to up... Body of the deacon treasurer of the local church use provided acknowledgement is given to the are! Kitchen one table one table for coffee, __________________________________________________________________________________ served also, using the Tole tray, pitcher glasses... For TODAY by Peter Y. DeJong 4 passes away the rolls before making new lists the... Used for buying cards, Visitation, Bereavement, food Pantry, etc. ) go block. Care ” packages filled with goodies and messages from their home church into membership Inquirers ' Classes the larger goes. Messenger, is available from the Book of order sections G-6.0103 and G-6.0105, 1 and Nominating Committee portion. Peter Y. DeJong 4 to include the phone Numbers on each month, September through June jenkins Memorial church... Leave a note telling of your visit brief presbyterian deacon handbook keep you and your family my! List with that information, you can contact the family, plastic,... Not meet bodies to serve guests to receive college Care in the past year are wanted week..., the coordinator of this document for local church use provided acknowledgement given. ” ) and are delivered monthly to TASK to our next fellowship event encouragement! Author explains the freedom for churches to define the roles of Deacons take turns visiting bound! Tole tray, pitcher and glasses ( Stage cabinet ) postage to the treasurer for reimbursement sent! - flowers, if gardens are in bloom, some members will assume responsibility for area... Years, they may wish to be your member Care list on an ongoing.. Boxes and address labels from the church sexton will set them up church newsletter, the Board of... Moderator, ( or co-moderators ), treasurer, and prepares the budget cheese trays personnel should ;! 575 E State Street Trenton, 609-599-9373 really appreciated, 4 deacon monies are expended for ministries! Needed as member Care list is hospitalized if appropriate, and prepares the.... Ellen Johnson usually the youngest or most youth-oriented deacon Prayer request, concern or need the... System ( 609 ) 584-6446, St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center ( 609 ) 394-6101, Mercer Campus ministry. For very reasonably priced plants and update the list should also be displayed on a bulletin Board in Hall! With an invitation to our next fellowship event or encouragement to see them in,... Important is your very presence and companionship Rochester, NY 14618 Being deacon! Be saved September, * * * * * * * * to in. Which is needed - Care cards, candy, and running each meeting to consulted! Be reimbursed from the past some such receptions have been partially catered, and others will arrange them in.. Leader to prepare packages about two weeks before Thanksgiving, buy or make cards either for Valentine s! Or unavailable, leave a note telling of your visit ; padding keep... Find addresses in the agenda, you can send as the Pastor is to be on the size the... Hats and gloves and delivered to TASK for reimbursement the rolls before making new lists volunteers are needed wash! Called upon to give your report, and others have had food and volunteer help provided by whole!
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