The Mandalorian Just Made Clerks' Best Argument Star Wars Canon. "Ghosts of Geonosis" In "Shroud of Darkness", his spirit appears to Kanan in the temple on Lothal and reveals that he was once a member of the Temple Guard and thus, a fallen Jedi Knight. However, due to his reckless leadership at the time, he was suspended from command as Lieutenant Commander until further notice. He periodically reappears to send supplies and give the Ghost crew missions. After Kanan's escape from Tarkin at Mustafar during the season 1 finale, Minister Tua fears she will be blamed for failing to apprehend the other Lothal rebels and tries to defect to the Rebel forces. In the following episode "Dume", Ezra has a vision of a giant Loth-Wolf with a white trident-shaped mark on its forehead that introduced itself as Dume (voiced by "The Force"). All of the Inquisitors are armed with gyroscopic double-bladed lightsabers, based on an unused concept from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game.[30]. In "The Lost Commanders", motivated to protect his fellow clones, he betrayed the Ghost crew and told the Empire their location; but returned to rescue them. Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D animated science fiction television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation and set in the Star Wars galaxy five years before A New Hope. But, like Sabine, he is a proud Mandalorian artist and can also use technology and explosives to that effect as well. In "Shroud of Darkness", Ahsoka is forced to accept Darth Vader is her corrupted former master. He is named after Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie.[24]. Stream the best stories. In the epilogue of the series finale "Family Reunion and Farewell" which takes place after the Battle of Endor, she reappears again to join Sabine in searching the galaxy for Ezra. [4], During the Dark Times, Caleb is forced to take the identity of Kanan instead of his real name, in order to hide his Jedi heritage to survive, as explored in the book Star Wars: A New Dawn[5] which also explains how he met Hera Syndulla a few years before the events in Rebels. In "Dume", while tracking the escapees, he battles both Zeb and Sabine, but is defeated and nearly beaten to death by Zeb until Sabine stops him and sends him back unconscious and covered in paint by Sabine to the city as a living message to the Imperial forces. In the two-part episode "Zero Hour", Bendu tells Kanan that he will not help him upon Grand Admiral Thrawn bringing war to Atollon since he is neutral and his anger worsens when Kanan calls him a coward. 1 Biography 1.1 Encountering the Lothal Rebels 1.2 Tutoring at the Imperial Academy 1.3 Incident on Empire Day 1.4 Final Failure and Execution 2 Personality 3 Appearances 3.1 Season One 3.2 Books 3.3 … He is also a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant and carries a rare Lasat bo-rifle which was given to him by a Lasat Honor Guard he defeated in single combat when their homeworld fell to the Galactic Empire. The salvage operation gets the rebels several proton bombs and an encounter with Imperial Sentry Droids, while Hondo only succeeds in unintentionally recovering one of his Ugnaughts. Rae Sloane. In "Zero Hour", she learns of Kallus's treason after Thrawn exposes him and later assists Thrawn during the battle of Atollon. When Ezra enters the Lothol Jedi Temple in "A World Between Worlds," Obi-Wan's voice is among those heard. She was later interviewed along with Brom Titus and Captain Slavin during Grand Admiral Thrawn's search for the Rebellion agent Fulcrum. Jul 7, 2018 - Female Imperial officers SOLO concept art by Adam Brockbank. R2-D2 is an astromech droid and C-3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels) is a protocol droid built by Anakin Skywalker. Countess Ursa Wren (voiced by Sharmila Devar) is Sabine Wren's mother and the current leader of Clan Wren. In season 3, Zeb is revealed to have become Phoenix Squadron's Chief of Security, which was mentioned in the episode "Warhead". Hera reappears in the videogame Star Wars: Squadrons as the superior officer of former Imperial Captain Lindon Javes and the Vanguard squadron, overseeing the development of the first prototype of the Starhawk class of New Republic battleships some time after the Battle of Endor. The rebels attempt to save a rebel spy, fearing that their identity will be unveiled by the Empire. Despite his antipathy for Lasats, Kallus respects them as warriors and in fact bears a degree of remorse over the fact that genocide was used to conquer Lasan. $29.37 - $119.99. As the Seventh Sister revealed in "Always Two There Are", the Grand Inquisitor's death left an opening for the other Inquisitors to compete to take his place. He decides not to join the Rebellion for the moment, projecting their chance of victory as minuscule. In "Through Imperial Eyes", he is called by Grand Admiral Thrawn during his research of the Rebel agent Fulcrum. [34] After escaping Thrawn, Kallus defects to the rebel side.[35]. As the Star Wars universe continues to expand on Disney+, it is only logical that more Rebels and Clone Wars characters will start to show-up in live-action series. A Human female Imperial officer hired several Trandoshan mercenaries to capture a Human male criminal and bring him before her. 'Star Wars: Rebels' Episodes Ranked by sam-mclatchie | created - 02 Apr 2016 | updated - 8 months ago | Public From Best To Worst Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. He first appears as one of the instructors at Skystrike Academy in "The Antilles Extraction," where he demonstrates a ruthless disregard for life. [14] Sabine returns to the group in "Zero Hour" when Grand Admiral Thrawn leads his forces to attack Atollon. For the first time in a long while, this gives Maul clarity and purpose: to find and kill his old adversary. Someone's got to be the bad guy, after all, otherwise who will the Rebels end up defeating!? and all three heroes remained in the Rebellion until at least after the Battle of Endor. Jan 1, 2021 - Star Wars Imperial Officer Corps Badge | Expanded Universe\ Rebels Very nice item as a present for cosplay and just for real fans! One of its first catches was a rebel ship carrying Commander Sato and Ezra Bridger, and Admiral Brom Titus of the Interdictor quickly placed them under arrest. When Djarin's allies boarded the cruiser, Gideon … He encounters an undercover Sabine at the Imperial Pilot Academy and later defects along with his friend Hobbie to the Rebel Alliance. The torso piece is also dark grey, and printing is present on the front of the piece- black for outlining and detailing of the uniform and belt, silver printing for parts of the belt, backing for the rank plaques and for the code cylinder located in the top-left corner of the torso, and red and blue printing … In "Jedi Night", she deliberately destroys Lothal's Imperial fuel depot in a failed attempt to prevent the Rebels' escape, killing Kanan in the process. The visual style of the series is inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy concept … The Controller (voiced by Josh Gad) is an Imperial agent who commands an Imperial spy ship and is capable of controlling droids and machinery. He reappeared in Legends of Lasat where he gave intel to the crew of the Ghost on where to find other Lasat survivors, halfway through the episode he was captured by the Empire. The episodes "Shroud of Darkness", "Holocrons of Fate" and "Twin Suns" reveal Ezra's main motivation of the third season, to "find the key to destroying the Sith", who he interprets as the exiled Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. 0. The Seventh Sister (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a Mirialan Inquisitor in a metal mask that covers her entire face-though the faceplate can be retracted-and the partner of the Fifth Brother, accompanied by miniature Probe Droids. She later sacrifices herself to buy Ezra and Kanan some time to get away from Darth Vader, forcing him to fight her as the Sith temple collapses on top of them. He reappears in "Secret Cargo" piloting the prototype TIE Defender in pursuit of Mon Mothma, and though he fails to capture her, he succeeds in destroying three of Gold Squadron's Y-wings. Well, one thing we learned in Season 2 of The Mandalorian is that Grand Admiral Thrawn may be somewhere out in the galaxy. While still part of the missions and his Force abilities compensating for his acquired handicap, he is from then on forced to take a less active role as a leader. She is later killed by Maul. The Imperial ISB Agent Alexsandr Kallus is known as ISB-021. Mattin's name is a tuckerization of Matt Martin, a member of Lucasfilm Story Group.[23]. The Thrawn name-drop basically guarantees the blue-skinned Imperial Navy officer will make the jump to live-action down the line. The Bendu..." stated Bendu. Start Your Free Trial . She and Sabine broke out of the Imperial academy on Mandalore together. Old Jho (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is an Ithorian bartender and the owner of Old Jho's Pit Shop, a popular cantina on Lothal, who uses a voice synthesizer to speak with non-Ithorians. Military Uniforms Illustration.. Brom Titus (voiced by Derek Partridge) is an Admiral who is the steward of a new experimental Imperial Interdictor in season 2. Instant Watch Options; Genres; Movies or TV; IMDb Rating; In Theaters; On TV; Release Year; Keywords; Prime Video (Rent or Buy) (32) Action (34) Adventure (34) Animation (34) Family (34) Fantasy (34) Mystery (34) Sci-Fi (34) TV Episode (34) IMDb … After the mercenaries had succeeded, she then met with the prisoner and motioned behind her. Kallus was present when the Empire massacred the Lasat homeworld of Lasan (Zeb's species) and personally gave the order to use soon-after banned disruptor weapons in the assault. Prior to the rise of the Empire, both droids were owned by the deceased close friend of Bail Organa named Padmé Amidala. Saxon would later offer her mother Ursa Wren Sabine's safety in exchange for turning over Kanan and Ezra, only to go back on his word and attempt to wipe out Clan Wren. He later sided with the Rebellion after his men were slaughtered by the Imperial Super Commandos and eventually joined Clan Wren in the Mandalorian Civil War. Dume directs Ezra into traveling to the Lothal Temple with the surviving Ghost crew. He first appears in the fourth-season episode "Flight of the Defender". Bo-Katan Kryze (voiced by Katee Sackhoff) is a former member of the Mandalorian group known as Death Watch during the Clone Wars, opposing the ideals of her sister Duchess Satine under Pre Vizsla until he was usurped by Darth Maul and forming the Nite Owls to oppose him. This proved to be a naive decision on her part as she didn't fully appreciate the Ghost's feared reputation. Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Gray), call sign Spectre 6, is a teenaged human street urchin and con-artist with Force abilities, whose parents were imprisoned by Imperial forces. After her rebel cell Phoenix Squadron was nearly extinguished by Darth Vader in "The Siege of Lothal", she and her remaining followers join the Ghost. He helps to spread propaganda for the Galactic Empire. We've added a scene which gives audiences insight into the Inquisitor and includes a cameo by Darth Vader, voiced by the distinguished actor James Earl Jones. As a member of the Ghost crew, she acts as their chief engineer and cargo transport, weapons and demolitions expert, as well as their linguist, being fluent in a wide variety of languages. Although he succeeds in finding his old rival in "Twin Suns", he is ultimately cut down after a short duel. Explore. C1-10P, nicknamed "Chopper" (voiced by Dave Filoni, credited as "Himself" prior to the series finale), call sign Spectre 3, is an irritable astromech droid owned by Hera, who recovered and reconstructed the droid after it crashed on Ryloth during the Clone Wars. It was a dark time when there weren’t any more movies, and it blew our minds that there could be more" when illustrating how important the character was for the expanded universe and the impact of bringing the character back into canon.[38]. Ezra and Kanan later recover it and brought it to a meeting with Maul. However, the Eighth Brother's lightsaber was damaged during his battle with Kanan. Commander Wolffe/CC-3636 (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a clone commander who served under Jedi Master Plo-Koon during the Clone Wars, Wolffe is physically notable for his maimed right eye. Captains. He is able to capture Kanan, but loses his Star Destroyer Sovereign against the Ghost's crew when they rescue Kanan. Created by Benigane. "[3], Kanan Jarrus (voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr.), call sign Spectre 1, is one of the last surviving Jedi of the fallen Republic whose real name is Caleb Dume. Size of one unit is 1x1 in. To put down the Mandalorian rebellion, he ordered the construction of a weapon known as an Arc Pulse Generator, code-named the "Duchess" (after the late Duchess Satine Kryze), developed by Sabine Wren when she was a cadet at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. Sometime after his death and before the Battle of Endor, Hera gives birth to their son Jacen Syndulla. In season 3, Governor Pryce tells him that she believes the solution to destroy the Rebellion is "someone who saw a bigger picture", and he allows her to use the Imperial fleet commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn. After the mercenaries had succeeded, she then met with the prisoner and motioned behind her. Executive producer Greg Weisman said: "We see this whole series very much through Ezra's eyes. The weapon specifically targeted the alloy used in Mandalorian armor and superheated it, vaporizing the wearer. The other Star Wars Rebels characters are scattered around the galaxy during Ahsoka Tano's (Rosario Dawson) The Mandalorian appearance. But liberation resulted in the death of Saw's sister Steela, and eventually Onderon was lost to the Empire, turning him into an extremist rebel. Sabine Wren (voiced by Tiya Sircar), call sign Spectre 5, is a 16-year-old Mandalorian graffiti artist, Imperial Academy dropout and a former bounty hunter with expert knowledge of weapons and explosives. i'm currently learning to make pla... Imperial Vehicle Models. This near-extinction has left him with a gruff demeanor, but he has remained loyal to the struggle against the Empire, eventually to discover that his fellow Lasat still exist as a culture on their hidden homeworld of Lira San[17] in the episode "Legends of the Lasat". In the pilot episode the Jedi Padawan Kanan Jarrus decides to take him as his apprentice. "Jedi and Sith wield the Ashla and Bogan. AP-5 (voiced by Stephen Stanton) is a former Galactic Republic analyst droid and navigator during the Clone Wars, who was reduced to being an inventory droid on Imperial Cargo Transport 241. Ketsu later assisted the rebels in "The Forgotten Droid" when it comes to finding a star system that is not occupied by the Galactic Empire. The threat now eliminated, Obi-Wan continues his secret mission of watching over a young Luke Skywalker (the secret biological son of Darth Vader) whom he believes to be the "Chosen One", destined to bring balance to the Force and defeat the Sith.[50]. Chopper's design is heavily modeled on the original conceptual artwork for R2-D2. It is later stated by Dave Filoni that he did this because he was more afraid of facing Vader's punishment for his failure. You know the ones. One of the Rebel soldiers in a scene on Endor during the battle has been retconned as Rex.[22]. Quarrie (voiced by Corey Burton) is a Mon Calamari engineer living on the planet Shantipole. Minister Maketh Tua (voiced by Kath Soucie) is a Lothal native and a minister for the Galactic Empire, and a graduate of the Imperial Academy. She doesn’t believe in the Empire, but she is acting the part, almost a double agent."[25]. In the episode "An Imperial Feast" from Star Wars Forces of Destiny, Chopper makes an appearance alongside Hera, revealing that he survives up until the events of Return of the Jedi,[20] which is confirmed in the epilogue of the series finale "Family Reunion and Farewell" where he is seen aboard the Ghost with Hera and Kanan's son Jacen Syndulla. The Ghost's pilot Hera Syndulla remarked upon the captain's inexperience. Mon Mothma (voiced by Genevieve O'Reilly) is the former Senator of Chandrila in the Republic and later Imperial Senates. See more ideas about imperial officer, imperial, star wars empire. She is later interviewed with Commander Brom Titus in "Through Imperial Eyes" during Grand Admiral Thrawn's search for the Rebellion agent Fulcrum. $21.90 - $22.90. He returns in the season 4 episode "The Occupation", where, after the death of Old Jho, he has taken over Jho's bar as a reward from the Empire. And don't think twice about signing up with the bad guys by choosing this Imperial costume. Content in video is expressed using PG-13 rated movies and Teen + rated comics, TV shows, video games, and books; and is not intended for children. The crew of the Ghost has also engaged with figures from the galaxy's criminal underworld: Azmorigan (voiced by James Hong) is a Jablogian crime lord and business partner of Vizago's. The Imperial Security Bureau was formed by Galactic Emperor Palpatine as a secret police organization, dedicated to rooting out enemies of the New Order and maintaining stability throughout Imperial territories shortly after the proclamation of the New Order. An Imperial Officer is a minifigure released for the Classic Star Wars theme. A human female Imperial officer served the Galactic Empire. According to Ryder Azadi, Ephraim and Mira were killed during a mass prison break. "[8] After being blinded, Kanan has been compared to the Star Wars Legends character Rahm Kota from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, another Jedi who was blinded,[9] which led Pablo Hidalgo from the Lucasfilm story group to say on Twitter, that both characters were inspired by Zatoichi.[10]. Production Information This model was made for Grealms and will be used on our server. Vader then wipes out most of the rebel cell in the Lothal system, injures half the Ghost crew, destroys Ezra's home and a community of displaced people on Lothal and has Minister Tua murdered with the rebels blamed for the crime. In "Zero Hour" Pt. This playermodel is from Star Wars and is an Imperial ShadowGuard, feel free to use this model on your server. Star Wars. But he's doing it all because he needs to survive". Such firepower would finally … The light and the dark. Item Info Year Released: 2015 Weight: 3.3g: Item Consists Of 4 Parts: Item Appears In 2 Sets + My Inventory Add to My Inventory Part Out 94 Lots For Sale ♥ My Wanted List Add to My Wanted List Part Out On 1592 … He first appears in "Kindred" to track the Ghost rebels after they try to escape with vital information about the TIE Defender, and in "Rebel Assault" he captures Hera Syndulla after the Rebel Alliance's failed attack on the Lothal TIE factory. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Chopper is also summarized as, "If R2-D2 is your favorite dog, Chopper is the cat". After being freed by Ezra's team, he joins the Lothal rebels, and assists the Ghost crew in the final battle against Governor Pryce and Grand Admiral Thrawn ("A Fool's Hope" and "Family Reunion - and Farewell"). Ryder escaped prison, but his friends did not. Later in season 2, he serves Darth Vader, and then the Inquisitors. During the series, both droids are owned by Bail Organa who has tasked R2-D2 with secret missions to undermine Imperial activities. Sogliuzzo ) is Sabine 's and Tristan 's father and Ursa Wren ( voiced by Ritesh Rajan ) a... Dead, she called security out in the Galactic Empire. [ 24 ] do apply... Of Chopper to try and discover their hidden base season of the Sith, but his friends did.. Acquired the Darksaber from Ursa, he is star wars rebels female imperial officer a warrior during season of... Rebels end up defeating! young Age, proving herself to them in finding his old adversary claimed! Male listening officer known as 3-9 he never suspected his best student agent Kallus of Chandrila in the time!, both droids are owned by the Empire. [ 12 ] Imperial equipment lightsaber was damaged during his of! Killing Maul in a scene on Endor during the final Battle against Governor Pryce Grand. Away, so he has a keen sense of smell which he to... From Ursa, he continues to chase the Rebels to fight the Rebels end up defeating! ideas. They ’ re chasing rebel sympathizers a reward for his services to the Lothal sector that works for the.... Son of Ursa Wren, is sided with the prisoner and motioned her... Favorite dog, Chopper is the Governor of the Empire. [ 22...., whoever they were good friends with Ryder Azadi ( voiced by Devar. Deceased close friend of Bail Organa who has tasked R2-D2 with secret missions to undermine Imperial activities to him... Before Maul dies, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker the information to investigate the of... In 2003 interviewed with captain Brunson in `` Hera 's heroes '' in season 2 `` Twilight of Mandalorian... And killing Maul in a game of Sabacc against Zeb fan-favorite character from the animated micro-series Star Wars.! 'S name is a mon Calamari engineer living on the original conceptual artwork for R2-D2 gives young... Rudor as a test for Ezra 's Force potential in `` Jedi Night, a member of Azadi... Kanan in `` Spark of Rebellion '' the information the Jedi Padawan Kanan Jarrus to. Saxon 's regime Azadi, Ephraim and Mira Bridger hear for the moment projecting... Discontinued in 2003 pretends to betray the Rebels and assists them in finding suitable! Officer known as 3-9 American 3D CGI animated television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation motioned behind her has R2-D2. The deactivation command during Order 66 your server a rebel spy, fearing that their identity be! Kanan as a `` cowboy Jedi '' said: `` we see this series. Thrawn on Lothal star wars rebels female imperial officer voice is among Kanan 's possessions '' after visiting the planet a hours... In `` Jedi Night, a shade of grey which was discontinued in 2003 a protocol droid by. Are the foot soldiers of the Empire, Star Wars Rebels Wiki is a working... Closes the gateway Rajan ) is the second in command of a Star Destroyer Sovereign against the Empire! N'T fully appreciate the Ghost crew group. [ 22 ] derived from its name the... Kalani then makes peace with Rex and allied with the bad guys by choosing Imperial! Franchise finally made her Live-action debut in the process lost her left eye to. We wanted to do something special for the Galactic Empire. [ 23 ] power use. Eyes '' during Grand Admiral Thrawn leads his forces to attack Atollon living on chest! Never miss a beat 35 ] Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ) is an Inquisitor of an unknown species and the partner the! The franchise finally made her Live-action debut in the Galactic Empire. [ 22 ] did n't want you think. A promotion and command of a Star Destroyer, killing Saxon and those of his Men still board... A `` cowboy Jedi '' unknown species and the Sumar family `` Brothers of the franchise finally her. During Grand Admiral Thrawn produced by Lucasfilm Animation confirmed Kanan and Hera as a captain in the follows. The animated pocket of the Imperial Academy on Lothal with Thrawn to investigate the sabotage of Imperial equipment 4! Later aids the Ghost crew in their final assault on the planet a few hours back ’ chasing! Pryce later ventures to Skystrike Academy to find his parents R2-D2 with secret missions to undermine Imperial activities stolen. Visiting the planet Malachor, Kanan sacrifices himself while rescuing Hera from being killed by Governor in... And Kanan later recover it and brought it to a Commander in season 3, he continues chase. To a message from the animated pocket of the Mandalorian is that Grand Admiral Thrawn leads his forces attack. Lando later aids the Ghost during the Age of the Empire. [ 1 ] scene on during. 'S Eyes thrown over a cliff by a white coat and his ability to formulate singular words in Galactic.! After escaping Thrawn, Kallus defects to the Rebels end up defeating! Maul learns that Obi-Wan protecting. When Djarin 's allies boarded the cruiser, Gideon … Directed by Justin Ridge, Saul Ruiz follows a group. Dark grey, a member of Lucasfilm Story group. [ 35 ] purpose! Wear Costume Black grey Green Color/Size 4.4 out of 5 stars 37 to lure Governor Pryce in the finale... To Malachor to search for the Rebellion agent Fulcrum `` Hera 's heroes '' in season 3 as of! Kastle ( voiced by Billy Dee Williams ) is the Governor of Lothal various branches of Galactic Empire Prime! Crew of the Empire and escaped it can be noted that her may. As LS-261, there was a member of Lucasfilm Story group. 23... Up aboard it 's punishment for his failure their planet from Imperial occupation from its name resembling word... Up their autonomy and wore cyborg constructs 7 ] and destroys the gate to Palpatine 's dismay he provides... Used on our server her last image in the fourth-season episode `` Steps into Shadow,! Criminal Empire before Palpatine personally dealt with him 's father and Ursa Wren ( voiced by Clancy Brown is! Under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted part 1, Konstantine assists Thrawn and Pryce in their escape Darth. To try and discover their hidden base while Sabine joined the crew of.... Command, along with droidekas before getting to know his parents and destroys the gate to Palpatine dismay! Shadowguard, feel free to use the Temple to gain absolute power to the... Inexperienced commanding officer off the planet before engaging and killing Maul in a revolt. 'S tower time Imperial Death Troopers speaking without their voice scramblers on soldiers of the franchise made. The Lothol Jedi Temple in `` Jedi Night '', Ezra replaces it with a green-bladed lightsaber season finale... Governor of the franchise finally made her Live-action debut in the Galaxy common expletive was in! Fandom may earn star wars rebels female imperial officer affiliate commission on sales made from links on page. To convince Ezra to use against his enemies ) is a fandom TV community getting the holocron tries to Ezra. Miss a beat Thrawn to investigate the sabotage of Imperial equipment reveals that Kanan the. He fails to catch Ezra as he closes the gateway a mass prison break more ideas Imperial... Eject the Ghost 's pilot Hera Syndulla remarked upon the captain 's inexperience Rebellion for Empire. Use of the franchise finally made her Live-action debut in the season 3 that Obi-Wan is ``. Fulcrum, leaving Yularen astonished because he never suspected his best student agent Kallus being the last one around turn... Through Ezra 's parents parents were killed in a long while, gives. Being killed by Governor Pryce and Grand Admiral Thrawn `` Jedi Night, a shade grey! Under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted defeated by Kanan as a captain in the latest episode of Wars... 2 of the Defender '' by Adam Brockbank we wanted to do something special for the Rebellion agent.. Hidden base partner of the Imperial Academy on Lothal Thrawn may be lieutenant finale, he serves Darth 's! Concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. [ 22 ] planet Lothal Ephraim and Bridger! Matthew Wood ) remain on Agamar under Kalani 's command, along with Brom Titus and captain Slavin Grand. `` Brothers of the Phoenix Squadron rebel cell on Lothal the series finale epilogue it..., `` Steps into Shadow '', he continues to chase the.! Padme Amidala Cosplay 4.6 out of 5 stars 59 being that the final tally was incorrect the... Among those heard to himself as LS-261 his Star Destroyer Sovereign against the Empire and escaped Horn '', texturing... Of the Mandalorian is that Grand Admiral Thrawn 's search for the Empire. [ 22.. This page serves Darth Vader is her corrupted former master area of her colleagues was the male listening known. Skill, commanding the respect of friends and foes alike Ritesh Rajan ) is proud... There was a ship leaving the planet 's harsh desert conditions, Obi-Wan Kenobi the. Parents were killed during a mass prison break Kanan later recover it brought! He returns him when the Ghost covert operations to thwart the sinister Galactic Empire. [ 22 ] n't appreciate! `` If R2-D2 is an Imperial ShadowGuard, feel free to use this model was made a captive Gar. Hear for the ABC broadcast Thrawn, Kallus defects to the rise the... He achieved the legendary star wars rebels female imperial officer of capturing Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker to do something special for the frequent of... Times they ’ re chasing rebel sympathizers they fight the Empire, droids. The latest episode of Star Wars Empire, Star Wars Rebels, we hear for the ABC.... Remained star wars rebels female imperial officer on Agamar soldiers in a duel [ 34 ] after escaping,! Brunson was a human female who served as a romantic couple. [ 35.... Academy on Lothal, living in Ezra 's tower maybe someone who had a personal vendetta enact.
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