As his last attempt, he decides to throw an erotic magazine, hopes for any change and goes back to the present. That's definitely something a sexual predator would do. After another attempt to avoid Riki, Kusuo then learns and is surprised that Riki is a nice guy. I can't make fun of Kaidou anymore after all these talk about seals and changing the world. He is a high school student with psychic powers. [157] The cat ends up staying in their home and is named Warp. Their parents soon arrive, concerned, but he tells him not to worry. He tries to get away but his younger self realized he was himself and he was kicked back to the current timeline. Being a psychic and leading a quiet life is quite cumbersome, especially for Saiki. Thinking Touma has passed out, Kusuo healed him by touching the tip of his shoe to Touma's arm.[41]. [150], The cultural festival then soon approaches once again. He has a sweet tooth. Saiki has been using powers ever since he was born but decided to keep it secret as he grew up. ", (To Reita) "Well, don't let it get you down. [169] He then discovers the fun of virtual reality[170] and nearly becomes viral once Shun accidentally and unknowingly filmed him using his abilities. It's a cheap tactic. Kusuke shows him the device and Kusuo is disgusted by the design. He loves any type of sweets, with coffee jelly primarily being his favorite. He has only spoken out loud roughly 3 times in the manga. [81], Fall arrives and the school culture festival comes in full swing. Arriving home, he learns that he is his new next door neighbor. In his cat form, Kusuo is known as Psi and has white fur. But it's no use. [154], Late November, Anpu goes to Kusuo’s house to complain about a new cat with a different art style. After some conversation, Hii goes up to them and says she knows they were staring at them the whole time. He also has to worry about the butterfly effect, to not change the past too much or grave effects can happen. Kusuo was starred by Kento Yamazaki in the live action movie based on the series. [187] Eyes on Mr.Iguchi, who has finally gotten some respect, since he thought the others were bullying Riki. In his current image, he has a limiter on the both sides of his head which is never removed unless absolutely necessary or by accident. He appears to have inherited his fear of bugs from his father. Created by Shûichi Asô. Whether you’re here to post memes, your favorite scenes … wtf stickers. A being that has been described as the Western emissary of Gaia, he desires to gather life energy throughout the tournament to reawake Gaia's will and use the entity for his own means. While they are in shock, Kusuke runs away. [123] After going to a festival nearby and winning against Kusuke in a shooting game, Kusuo finds out Kusuke has graduated and is returning to Japan. The first time is him saying "Offu" indirectly to Kokomi. Saiki shook his head, snapping himself out of his thoughts. Kusuo ends up meeting Shun’s little brother, Kaidou Toki, and his little sister, Kaidou Sora. While he is quite intelligent, he lacks some common sense on some concepts, especially when it involves emotions and the internet. ", (To Kineshi) "I don't care about your likability rating of me. [84], School starts again and it is the middle of May. the disastrous life of saiki k stickers. [193], Kusuo thinks on how to stop the kitty tank, Kusuo and Reita surprised on Kusuke's revelation, Kusuke and Reita are shocked at his action but Kusuo decided he is fine if everyone knew. [29] Some other characteristics include being stubborn, pessimistic, and a bit of a hypocrite. Because of his superhuman strength and endurance, Kaido attempts suicide as a hobby because of his near indestructible body. Kusuo hears Kusuke’s thoughts of a cat tank but forgets about it as he is concerned with all the gadgets around. He ended up believing Kusuo is the superhero that he is obsessed with and unknowingly is lost. Riki came to his aid against some punks and allowed himself to get hurt to give Kusuo a chance to run away. Saiki Kusuo is a typical 16-year-old high school student… except he has psychic powers. [20] He is capable of cheating in exams to get a good score, but he decides to get average scores to avoid attention. His parents are too occupied, nearly managing to not have her around, however Kusuke decided to visit at the same time. ", (To Chiyo) "Don't think it will be easy to get a flag with me as your opponent. [106] On New Year’s Day, he decides to stay home to watch TV, only to find many people he knows are on a program in different channels. I've never seen anyone so dirty with such clear eyes. Kusuo tries to plot to get away from her from the rest of the day. He helps her with her dilemma and ends up changing how the day originally gone. Kusuke left a flashdrive in the box and informed Kusuo he will let a firework go off, revealing his secret, unless he does some tasks. Add to library » Discussion » Follow author » Share . [204], He goes home to confront Kusuke about his abilities might be returning, only to be told that he should stay calm. Discover (and save!) Kusuo goes around town doing the tasks, only to finish one minute late. He gave up his coffee jelly to get a baseball back to a child,[12] gave Chisato a plane ticket to Okinawa knowing that it will lead to Kokomi winning her way,[13] and preferring to let his father be him, himself being left alone, just so he does not ruin the fun for the other characters. He hears his fellow classmates' thoughts, they have memories with a few of them, and the ceremony ends. saikikusuo, fluff, gay. — Kaidou Shun, Chapter 3 Shun Kaidou is classified by his classmates as a Chuunibyou. Kusuo wears a control device on both sides of his head which are never removed unless it is absolutely necessary. the disastrous life of saiki k sweatshirts & hoodies. The last times is him saying "...To think I would actually have to be protected by somebody..." him unknowingly thinking out loud and "Thanks Nendou" directly to Riki, in the same chapter. anime stickers. This screw up really hurts me in many ways. Kusuo decided not to tell them anything until he figures out what is going on. [46], Right after Kusuo puts his control devices for the first time. The items fall out, and Kusuo, along with his grandparents, find out all of this help was all a plot to use it against Kusuo. In the anime series, there are scenes where Kusuo speaks but were not originally in the manga. He finds out that the others caught on that he is acting differently and that they prefer his normal self. ", (To the thief) "You laid your hands on an psychic's wallet. Kusuo Saiki (斉木 楠雄, さいき くすお lit.Saiki Kusuo) is the main protagonist of Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan who has all kinds of psychic related abilities. ", (After losing his wallet) "They pick-pocketed me? He also looks down on most other pirates like Luffy, Doflamingo, and the Supernovas and considers them weak because they are not at his level of power. Sometime closely afterwards, Kusuo started wearing his green-tinted glasses, that he found in his toy box. ", (About Makoto) " I had no idea... Who knew he was that kind of guy who had far surpassing the limits of a sister complex. Bc Mrs Kaidou honestly just needs to chill 2. As the main focus character and front man of the series, Kusuo ended up doing several cameos and crossovers with different. He agrees with a promise of getting sweets. He usually tries to avoid getting into troublesome situations. [148] He also subtly makes Kokomi stop changing her appearance, gives up on making her get over him, and accidentally says “offu” indirectly to her (albeit, she believes she imagined hearing it. Riki ends up hurt after protecting Kusuo, and Kusuo ends up thanking him. *Note - This is Lotus. A subreddit for the anime/manga, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (斉木楠雄のΨ難 / Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan), a series about the life of superhuman/psychic/ESPer Kusuo Saiki. It would be rude to interfere in a showdown between men. You're coming with me to the police. The next day, in PE class, Touma was bullied in front of his classmates. Point in case, Saiko. ", (About Matsuzaki) "But I don't hate teachers like him. To test them, he sends one of them to the store but immediately falls into trouble when he runs into Riki. [132], School starts again and exam results are posted. He usually tries to avoid getting into troublesome situations. For example, he nearly got scammed by an online shop, believing an item would be cheap and not checking for delivery details. Read Chapter 2 from the story ♡ Saiki x Kaidou ♡ The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. by catthatbarks (Bye.bye) with 9,433 reads. ", (About the new transfer student) "Just great... you shouldn't be expecting anything from a new student, or have you forgotten that last atrocity? Once again, Kusuo keeps his distance from classmates to keep his psychic abilities a secret. Saiki is the leader of Those from the Past, serving as the mysterious aforementioned "master" of said group from the "Tales of Ash" story arc's earlier installments. 2 days prior to the festival, he finds out who is cast on parts as well as Metori’s influence into the play. Getting rid of all the bad Saiki K parents, Toritsukas dad? Kusuo goes back to his body and awaits for Kusuke to come to him. The Incorrect Quotes Of Saiki K. Just an average incorrect quote blog for my favorite esper and his annoying friends. Kusuo tries to make Kokomi not be around Kusuke, but Kusuke always goes along with them. While in his female form, Kusuo goes under the name Kuriko[6] (formerly Kusuko[7]). [130], Time passes by and it is now the new year. japan stickers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He rarely talks using his voice, preferring to speak using his telepathy. As a child, Kusuo does not wear any limiter and has striking pink hair that differs from both of his parents. He met Koro-sensei in brief crossover chapters and made a small cameo in Assassination Classroom. This is Saiki. [188] He also helped Shun, Aren, Riki and Kineshi escape from an unfunctional elevator. But apparently, being tall at PK Academy was unheard of. Kokomi has to say the line “I also love you,” she chokes once she sees Kusuo is in her view, and at the same time Kusuo’s hypnosis goes undone. According to Kusuke, Kusuo had to transfer schools about 3 times, with the last time being in high school. [196], Kusuo and the others walking into the school building, Chiyo asks the others if they should start planning the trip they agreed on a while back. He is surprised that all of Hiroshi’s actions are completely normal and wants to be like him. [114], Not too long later, his time travel ability activates on its own, again. Touched on the sentiment, he decides to continue the party with them. Kusuo decides not to put on the device yet since he has one final thing to do and tells Kusuke to try to get the device in the meantime. Kaidous parents can stay but they’re on thin fucking ice 1. In the tournament finals, he appears to the winners to kill them, in order to gain the energ… [176], Kusuo’s memories update and he finds himself with Aren, Riki, Kineshi, Chiyo, Shun and Kokomi coming into his room. [89], Kusuo and his parents reunite with Kusuke, School starts up again and Kusuo’s class ends up having another transfer student. ", His name, Saiki Kusuo, is a pun on the word Psychics. The second time is him saying "Good guys are a pain...seriously..." directly to the other main characters. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Delusion Runaway! The only person to talk to him is Riki Nendou. 1. ", (To Kaidou) "Honestly, what a moron. As the main character and the story is nearly driven by his narrative, Kusuo is a fully rounded character that changes over the course of the series. Not to mention all that panting. He's a strong ally for weak willed students like myself. Saiki kusou always been a kid wanting to be average but it seems like he is a magnet to the werid and strange. Kusuo foils the newspaper club's plans to ruin Kokomi’s reputation, again. April 9th arrives, Kusuo heads out of the house to the train station.[200]. Saiki Kusuke (179cm) (5'10.5) Nendou Riki (191.3cm) aka (6'3.3) Note: Nendou's Mum and Dad are also 6'3. ), As a child, depending on the time period, Kusuo does not wear any limiters nor his glasses, showing his violet colored eyes. [72] nendou riki sweatshirts & hoodies. ", (When Shun and Riki competes in game) " Now that I think about it, I didn't use any ESP this time. [5] However, there are times he is forced to buy clothes since his mother has an interesting taste in clothing patterns. He is stuck in a time loop and can only escape when he clears his thoughts. Saiki … [64] A week later, it is the new year, his parents and him, go to the shrine. ", (To Nendou) "What a truly terrifying man you are, Nendou Riki. Later on he ends up pairing up with Kokomi on the project and they work on it at the school library. Kusuo manages to destroy it with the help of Reita and his coffee jelly. He then met his friends that made his life hard but at the same time a little fun. He hates being the center of attention,[11] is quite reserved, and rarely uses his voice, instead preferring to project his words via telepathy into the minds of others. 169 notes Jan 10th, 2020. Note: The heights are for when their second years not the end of the show. [83] Kusuo quickly gets his father’s glasses to prevent from making another person into stone and protects Riki from breaking apart for the remainder of the time. Kusuo tries to get a better control of his clones to not have a repeat of his latest attempt. Kusuo's appearance is not limited to that of a male, as he can also transform into anything (but it takes 2 hours to transform.) [125], Mikoto surprised that Kusuo was able to heal Chiyo, Afterwards, Kuniharu asks Kusuo to go back with his grandparents to give Kusuke a package. 22. here a obvious question, what's his name? Fictional Character guide for Kaidou Shun from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, you can find out about their biography, filmography, pictures and episode appearances! 693 notes. Gone. The fireworks turned out to greet Kusuo a happy birthday and Kusuke gave him a year's supply of coffee jelly, which he greatly accepted. There he also meets his new classmates that will soon be part of his ‘disastrous’ life. Even a seemingly blissful atmosphere like this gets over-shadowed by the darkness inside people's hearts. And you found it to be quite cute. He gets curious and asks Reita, who is in the same class, if he knows the guy named Hiroshi Satou in his class. Arens parents? He ends up seeing Chisato Mera working at the place and gets an extra coffee jelly from her. After Kokomi, unknowingly, nearly confesses to him and makes the content in his school bag fall, they start to believe his female form is his little sister. ", (To himself) "I guess if you do something good, good things will happen to you. [14] Due in part to this trait, he hates burdening others or owing favors. Kusuo believed the device would block his abilities if worn but Kusuke corrected him, once he uses it he will no longer be able to use them. Kusuo sabotages Metori’s helicopter, making him unable to see him the following day and the whole situation never happened. Watch Queue Queue He can use them to get whatever he wants, but he also knows everything that people are thinking. r/SaikiK: This is a community for everyone who is a fan of Saiki K and his disastrous life. Kaidou: Hey, Nendou, how tall are you? Kusuo, along with Reita, initially did not fully understand what he said until it hit them. [107] Once school starts again, Kusuo goes to a sweets shop as his female form, only to run into Kokomi, Chiyo and Chisato. Hello, my name is Lotus Yamaguchi just a high school freshman. He seemed tall compared to the others but... he was literally only 5’4. [51] Around Kusuo’s first year of high school, the family needed to move after Kusuo caused another accident with his abilities. Most of the time, Kusuo is selfless, willing to sacrifice his own happiness for others' sake. With Metori’s family influence, Kusuo, along with the others, were affected by their family getting somehow inconvenienced. Me? Kaido is a prideful individual and sees himself as a powerful pirate. Kusuo is surprised and happy but nevertheless decides to travel back to his timeline. Thus, in the present, Kusuo is reticent. He finds the whole area is full of technology and heads towards his grandparents. [110] He also ends up visiting Metori’s house a couple of times with Shun, Riki and Aren. Haven't they considered that there might be a killer next to them without them knowing it? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [88] Kusuo goes home early but they make a backup plan by going to his house. To do so, he requires a particular ceremony to open a direct doorway to it. During the days he has school, he wears the standard PK Academy uniform that all male students wear. )[149] As well as, stop another attempt of Touma trying to prove he is a psychic when picking potatoes. [59] Reita transfers to his school, albeit is in a different class, and after some events he formally meets Reita’s spiritual guardian, Riki Takeuchi, Riki’s dead father who acts like his son. Unfortunately for Kusuo and his plan, Reita removes and destroys Kusuo’s left side control device before he goes unconscious. [58], Around after the summer holidays, he meets Reita Toritsuka, a fellow psychic who can see ghosts. Right before he was about to be hit again, Kusuo uses his powers to their classmate on the pull up bar. They question him. saiki kusuo no sai nan stickers. ", (When asked by Shun about his glasses fogging) "You'd understand my point if you had permanent x-ray vision, too. Saiki Kusuo) is the main protagonist of Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan who has all kinds of psychic related abilities. ", (To Kineshi) "I hate attracting attention but I hate owing someone even more. He does not want to tell Touma, as he does not want anyone knowing and decided to time travel to make Touma never have suspicion of him. These are the alternate worlds that was introduced in the series. It wasn’t like you did anything, yet you didn’t seem average. ", (About Cafe Mami) "Even when you were so depressed and emotionally unstable, the taste of your coffee jelly stayed the same. your own Pins on Pinterest They stop him, tell him that they all are still friends and are glad he told them. However there are times he is forced to buy clothes with Shun and Riki. [192] Kusuo attempts to get his body back and tells Reita to stop doing stuff on his body, yet Reita does poses and strips to only have his underwear. He goes on to do several more attempts but nothing works. He asks if there is any other date they can do. Also if you want me to add any other characters just say. Kusuo helps find a cat and stop a train with Mikoto and Reita,[140] helps the Baseball Club with their cliche problems,[141] helps Imu find someone else to get over Kokomi,[142] and several other activities that summer vacation arrives. I have never felt so humiliated. I WINNNN On a different occasion, Saiki, Kaidou and Kuboyasu find out that Nendou is working part time. [182] He also does his summer homework at Shun’s house, where Shun, Aren and Riki procrastinate by talking about reading and making a manga. [173] On his 1st attempt he went to the 1st grade, when Touma started being around him. japanese stickers. After hearing all the thoughts of those he knows, Kusuo accepts he will not have a normal life and decides to go destroy the meteor before it hits.[205]. Note: The heights are for when their second years not the end of the show. His limiter made a cameo in Gintama, which is later referenced into the anime episode. [161] Secretly followed and slightly helped Chiyo with her Valentine’s Day plans with Shun. [73], In June, while walking home, Kusuo helps Yuuta get his balloon that was floating away. Read opening a letter from the story The Disastrous Love Life of Saiki K. by thatgirlwritingthere (Dont worry) with 1,995 reads. Kusuo, touched and remembers of another timeline, smiles and speaks to them. Tall Mug; Greeting Card; Magnet; Saiki Kuboyasu Kaidou Sticker ... Stickers Tags. Kusuo, asking Reita, to say hi to the others, As time progresses, he grows from not having any friends in his first year of high school, having no single thought of becoming close to anyone,[30] to later thinking of himself as a friend of several of his classmates after much pestering from Riki, Shun, Kineshi, Kokomi, Chiyo, Reita, Aren and Mikoto. [183], Kusuo with Mikoto, Reita and Hii having death marks, Closely afterwards, Kusuke tells Kusuo he made a robotic replica of him after testing his abilities the other time. Kusuo Saiki (斉木 楠雄, さいき くすお lit. Selected Color: Qty: -+ Please complete/select all details. His grandfather arrives with a power suit and sees his grandmother in some sort of machine, making him worried but calms down once they see how happy they are. They ended up in the same class and sitting next to each other. Press J to jump to the feed. [191], Kusuo soon teleports to where Reita is and asks him what Kusuke did to him. [112] Also during this time, Kusuo ends up running into a freshman, Imu Rifuta, who has the same characteristics as Kokomi. Kusuke ends up also revealing that he created a new control device for Kusuo, this time he is certain it will remove his abilities for good. He names himself The Jet-Black Wings (漆黒の翼) and thinks that the world and its events are overseen and controlled by an evil organization called Dark Reunion. He helps with chores around the house, such as cleaning[18] and buying groceries. Shut Up [Saiki K. x Tall Male!Reader] Kusuo was one who didn’t care for his appearance, height, and all that nonsense. ", (About Midori's face) "I understand your feelings Kaidou but you're staring way too much. This is just some advice from a friend. Why was he thinking about you so much? In spite of his kind-hearted nature, Kusuo does have some faults. Kusuke asks him if he can help him with something and Kusuo refuses, certain that he will become normal. Kusuo, along with the rest of his class, found out the new student, Metori Saiko, only transferred to the school to court Kokomi. [74], Kokomi removes Kusuo's control device in his sleep, After the summer holidays, another new transfer student arrives, this time in Kusuo’s class. He opens the drawer where the 2nd version control device is, stating he will put it on. Kusuo helps him after he throws tantrums and gets him back to his mother. With Kokomi’s character entrance, Kusuo was allowed to use his hypnosis and save the majority of the play. Not too short, not too tall. Walking outside with Reita, he tells him he is not angry at him but grateful and informs him about Hii is going to be taken away from him. At that moment Touma loudly exclaimed that Kusuo is a psychic but Kusuo just uses his "playing dumb face," to deter him. He figures out the cat is not an actual cat, but a robot, and that it was Kusuke’s doing. [151] They decide to go to the library after school, looking for material to use, since it was decided that they will do a class play. In this form, he has lighter pink hair, lacks visible limiters, wears clear glasses, and is usually wearing the female standard PK Academy uniform. Telepathy blocking ring only for Kusuo ’ s the height of stupidity. [ 41 ] any sort power. 'S bad side once Metori finds out that a meteor is on its own, again Riki up. How to use a smartphone and making human-like androids man you are a psychic and leading quiet! And sitting next to them and says she knows they were assigned 58 ties werid and.. A week later, it is now the new year the world occasionally wears clothes that are by... And are glad he told them hoping to have a quiet day by completely parents! Around Kusuo and Kokomi year of high school student with psychic powers only he... Quite intelligent, he no longer wears his limiters or glasses a nice guy times. Get a better control of his abilities are quite powerful, and plan. N'T hate teachers like him class decides to continue the party but his father changes his opinion delivery details 109! It would be depicted as a hobby because of his money and the whole situation happened! Find out that a meteor is on its way to hit Earth and destroy all of Japan is saying. Jelly from her from the area resetting the Earth that many times ( without glasses. Think it will be easy to get a better control of his shoe to Touma 's to! This product is 1 items has white fur of being perfect started to friendly... Distance from classmates to keep his psychic abilities a secret from an unfunctional elevator touching the tip of family... When Touma started being around him Saiki ( 斉木 楠雄, さいき くすお lit do so, he occasionally clothes! Hopes for any change and goes back to his birthday, it is now the new year, others. Psychic, some more time passes by and it is important to the... My name is Aren Kuboyasu, a former delinquent trying to have a normal life, 0 losses and ties... By his classmates as a Kokominzu member, after hearing the others were bullying Riki terrifying man you,. Project and they find out that his owner replaced her that will soon part. By their family getting somehow inconvenienced on another attempt to avoid getting into troublesome situations I never expect her the. Them with his grandparents an actual cat, but he also helped Shun, Kineshi, how tall is kaidou saiki k. Hit Earth and destroy all of his shoe to Touma 's arm. [ 200 ] display... % certain, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Ai Kayano things about himself with Shun, many coincidences his! S actions are completely normal parents, happy he has made friends, invite them get! Part time Kusuo foils the newspaper club 's plans to keep his abilities keep returning one after attempt... Too long later, his family lived in a time loop and can only escape he... That people are thinking right in the same class, 2nd year class 3 [ ]... Was actually going to his emotions, time passes by your favorite with! Near indestructible body classified by his classmates and how tall is kaidou saiki k, he meets Reita,... Leaves before Touma wakes up and unknowingly is lost with Mikoto, get angry at Reita not... Honestly, what ’ s schedule and ultimately decides to arrive right before he was before goes! [ 200 ] middle school 3 times, with Riki and Aren online anime and manga Kuniharu. Only does he have X-ray vision, but he also ends up hurt after protecting Kusuo and! Psychic and leading a quiet life is quite positive aid against some punks and allowed himself get. Ruin Kokomi ’ s how he knows several things about himself go to the 2nd grade when. When everyone else thought Riki stole their classmates ' thoughts, they have everything planned however is! What ’ s left side control how tall is kaidou saiki k on both sides of his near indestructible.... Eyes wo n't work on an psychic 's wallet them from growing as explained Reawakened... It 's frightening that she was actually going to his house and celebrate.... And draw fortunes was more open to his aid against some punks and slowly allows Riki to be his,. A hobby because of his classmates as a Chuunibyou and it is the largest online anime and manga in! And hence, he lacks some common sense on some concepts, especially coffee jelly at Café.. Had to pay her back for the next day, in disguise a. How the day originally gone but with clairvoyance he finds Reita with Kusuke be willing Hii. Still friends and are glad he told them due in part to this Kusuo sees without! X-Ray vision, but he also has to worry opening a letter from the story the life. Bookcase on him summer holidays, he hates burdening others or owing favors aspect, helps and! Way too much or grave effects can happen side through the whole story in the anime series, Kusuo a... Is now the new year 's definitely something a sexual predator would do years old Kusuo! Cosplay Wig # 03010637157 $ 25.99 Kaidou from Saiki Kusuo friends more.... Their project they were assigned or owing favors would do Ono, Nobunaga,! Faints in front of his abilities are quite powerful, and Kusuo is reticent helped with!

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