Our goal is to support you in your Malinois journey so that you and your new puppy are successful. A Belgian Malinois with the correct temperament to match its handlers’ can be very good with the family. Not everyone is suitable for a Malinois puppy. Price $899. Special arrangement can be made to see puppy’s personality and determine suitability before planning trip out to California. Southern California Belgian Malinois Rescue. Get Today for FREE!). Therefore having great appreciation and admiration for the breed is a requirement. You want a courageous, confident, protective dog. He did really well on his first tracking exercise Saturday. When they searched for puppies, no reputable breeder dared to call them back. The answer to these questions are important. Puppy Package Add-on #2: Ten Week Basic Obedience Dog Training Package. The exception between the two is size difference. It’s also a reminder that this Malinois puppy that you’re looking to acquire will share with you many memories that will last a lifetime, and that it’s wise to invest time and effort to make it right the first time. When puppies are available, they are always home raised usually among vineyards or are on occasion fostered by ‘paid’ volunteer homes- and as always, are completely raised without the use of vaccines and in the best weather California offers (warm summers – mild winters). Jane states that puppy easily picked up the commands and passed the whole program in a very short time. This has been our experience. Side note: Below there’s a video that you might enjoy watching. It’s very important that the breeder shows interest in getting to know the new handler to make sure it’s a right fit. Our puppy pictures below will testify to you the quality of specimen which we train and work with. I have known a few belgian families, all of whom swear by the dog and have explained to me they would never own a different dog because their dog does all the above. On the menu of this website, there should be a tab to find books to get you started on holistic healthcare for dogs. Not as a ‘couch potato’ or ‘lap dog’ as its sole purpose. “Why drive a Cadillac when you can drive a Porsche?” observed one Oxnard officer. Easy to Train, No Hip-Dysplasia, Prefer Large Homes, Prefer Experienced Dog Owners, Good Guard Dogs (Natural Thieve Deterrents), The Dog Trainer’s Breed of Choice, Hard to find in the United States, Committed First-Time Malinois Owners per Approval Basis. Natural deworming. Belgian Malinois Dog network producing some of the best working dogs hands down! It’s important that the person offering you a puppy has more knowledge than you do about the breed and can advise you on best practices for caring for your puppy. No Spam! It doesn’t matter if they have AKC or not, it doesn’t matter if there were 50 champions in the lineage a million years ago, what really matters is what the lines have become ever since, how they look, and what you can do with them, Example of a (TABM) ‘Typical American Bred Malinois’ (. Below there is additional information of available Malinois puppies and descriptions. The Belgian Malinois is a well balanced, square dog, elegant in appearance with an exceedingly proud carriage of the head and neck. Nothing can better determine if a puppy is suitable for you more than this. It’s also a reminder that this Malinois puppy that you’re looking to acquire will share with you many memories that will last a lifetime, and that it’s wise to invest time and effort to make it right the first time. Depending on your purpose, one breed might be better suited than an other for you. Find Belgian Malinois Dogs & Puppies for sale in Allakaket. The height of males is 26-26 inches and female’s height is 22-24 inches. They are known as being very easy to train due to their high drive for rewards. However if someone made the mistake to choose a Malinois puppy based on looks rather than personality, then more likely they might have overlooked the intensity levels of the dog. Most. (5 Day Malinois Puppy Orientation $79. Click ‘Application’ icon for current details. Beautiful full dark face and a dark chest (hard to produce combination). And while on a budget you can be easily influenced to bad bred puppies indicated by its cheap price tag, which you should see as a ticking bomb of problems waiting to happen. I want a dog that will be able to go on mountain hikes/runs with me, highly trainable and able to protect the home. Allpurposek-9 has very high standards and we are very respected breeders of the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd breed. Search Dog Breeders in Usae=3 on Dog Breeders Gallery. It’s very rare to find a Malinois with a lower intensity levels than a three, virtually non existent. Most soldiers return home with a fond memory of the breed and decide to acquire one for personal use. Black Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale in Northern California   Video of an Available Belgian Malinois Puppy for Sale in Southern California Intensity Levels on a Malinois For the Malinois breed, there is an intensity scale. http://animalkindvet.com/ –  http://www.holisticpetvetclinic.com/ – http://www.healingpawscenter.com/ – http://www.healingpawscenter.com/, http://integrativeveterinarycenter.com/ – http://meridianvetcare.com/ – http://www.animalwellnesscenterdavis.com/, http://www.sfhealthypets.com/ – http://www.wagsnwellness.com/ – http://www.coastalholistic.com/ – http://creaturecomfort.com/ – http://www.holisticvetpetcare.com/index.htm, http://www.theholisticvet.com/ – http://limehousevetclinic.com/ – http://www.marinavet.com/, http://www.chaivet.com/index.html – http://www.kensingtonvet.com/ – http://healinghope.net/, http://animalhealingboise.com/ – http://aulternatives.com/ –, http://www.millcreekvetclinicut.com/ – http://www.animalhealthoptionsvet.com/home/ – http://www.utahanimalcarecenter.com/ –, http://www.lakesideanimalhospital.com/ – http://www.holisticpetdr.com/index.php, http://www.apahvet.com/homepage.pml – http://naturalalternativesvet.com/ – http://www.integrativeveterinarian.com/ – http://theholisticvet.net/index.html – http://holisticvetservices.com/, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. And in the Southland, we are the preferred Belgian Malinois Breeders in Los Angeles for those living in Southern California … Goes without saying that we enjoy serving the military and border patrol communities of America’s Finest City… we are the top choice for Belgian Malinois Breeders … The particular type of puppy that you’ll be limited to if you have no prior experience with the Belgian Malinois, will be a ‘civilian tempered’ puppy and will generally serve better for personal therapy / companion and civilian protection purposes. This is a good place to start and hopefully our breeder directory will help you find a breeder. What will be its role? Although many Belgian Malinois do enjoy having a good snuggle moment with their handlers after exercise, and some to a higher degree than others, don’t expect them to be primarily a ‘lap dog’. You will learn a lot when performing these tests. The whole reputation of the breed is dependent on who owns them so you bet we’re pretty selective. Better Than Any Gun – No Permits Required. It's always a great idea to check online review, try googling; Reviews of ‘breeder name’ or Reviews of ‘breeder name’ + California. I miss her and miss the fun we had at all the classes, on group dog hikes, and just playing at home. Are there any specific rules/regulations that apply in the state of California that you need to consider? Personal transportation of puppy to the right home in the Livermore, Los Banos, Patterson or Manteca (California) area with a 10%  non-refundable deposit. Desired Color Coat Variations like Red Fawn, Red Mahogany, Black Tips and Full Black Coats are available depending on breeding or importing agenda. In Southern California for San Diego and Las Vegas regions Belgian Malinois puppies available for sale are located in Los Angeles Southland region. It’s our duty for Malinois owners to protect this beautiful breed and to have them placed in homes where they are being cared for properly and treated with love and respect. All dogs Meet All AKC & International Standards for the Breed, Pedigreed and Registered with AKC and are only placed with limited registration no-breeding contracts (unless otherwise discussed). No quarantine required. It really helps others who are searching for a Belgian Malinois Puppy in the California area if they can read honest reviews from buyers like yourself. There are many dog breeds. Below you will find questionnaire to apply or call for details (415)506-nine.four.six.seven. As a volunteer search and rescue member? We are not a typical kennel where dogs spend their days inside a cage. The only way this can happen is by not properly matching the handler’s lifestyle with the dog’s energy levels. We don’t make exaggerated claims of the breed being a GSD on ‘METH’ (, Continue reading and enjoy our puppy photos on your way down, All interested homes should start by filling out our, e are also commonly known via referrals and ‘word of mouth’ within, the military community due to our experience supplying Malinois. Athletic, agile, graceful, and elegant, the high-energy Belgian Shepherd is frequently in motion, often moving in quick, light-footed circles. Better Than Any Gun – No Permits Required. They are known as being very easy to train due to their high drive for rewards. There is no obligation to follow our natural approach to dog health. There are many things that are needed to do to make sure the puppy is imprinted properly before its ready to go into its permanent home. Easy to Train, No Hip-Dysplasia, Prefer Large Homes, Prefer Experienced Dog Owners, Good Guard Dogs (Natural Thieve Deterrents), The Dog Trainer’s Breed of Choice, Hard to find in the United States, Committed First-Time Malinois Owners per Approval Basis. Plus, I work from home so the dog will get plenty of stimulation to ensure they don’t get into trouble :) We’re looking for our next family member to share our energetic and loving home." I have a close friend who has 3 Malinois in Hawaii and swears by them. Qualities that make them attractive such as their intelligence, drive, compact size, long lifespan, trainability, low grooming requirements, and overall healthier than most breeds. The Belgian Malinois has been gaining prominance for the last few years. Malinois puppies, about, 70 %, are usually between eight and thirteen on the intensity scale and are ideal solely for working purposes. Note: We currently are seeking for the right K9 handler in the Seattle, Washington area for a high drive working dog scheduled to be imported. Some Malinois puppies are VERY driven and high energy that they would be considered a level eleven, twelve or even thirteen!…that’s how intense they are. $300 . $40 Delivery to Stockton, Modesto (California). The best breeders in corollary seek the best for their puppies. Good for outdoorsy lifestyles, jogging companion, hiking, volunteer search and rescue. We never had to worry about our family or house with them. $300 . To protect the breed, candidates for each puppy are selected. Working parents, they are pictured above on last pictures. The whole reputation of the breed is dependent on who owns them, hence the reason why we are always careful where each one is placed. One of our goals in this website is to provide quality information and content to help Malinois owners better care for their dogs and to prepare new owners interested in acquiring one. If you’re interested in a Belgian Malinois puppy for sale, start by submitting the application below. A truly healthy dog doesn’t require most vaccinations. This family, however, didn’t do much research on the breed. Someone just looking to place puppies will not even care about you, your goals with your puppy, nor your living situation. That’s why it is important that you are matched with a puppy with the energy levels that match your activity levels. The breed’s ease of handling, intelligence and obedient nature makes it the best fit for those seeking the same. It has set of black erect ears. We have high hopes that its temperament is highly, highly optimized to make up for its physical lacking- because from the picture alone we can tell that this is a very ill-looking and bad-bred Malinois puppy. ————————————————-, Size and Weight A Belgian Malinois is a medium sized dog with a square and well-balanced body structure. Parents registered. Lower intensity Malinois puppies such as a level three or four or five do better with civilian, beginners and for PTSD therapy roles. Whereabouts in California were they based, what was the Breeders name? A dog that is confident and protective of you without being aggressive is what you want. I feel very comfortable knowing there is a protector/deterrent when I am away from my home for day to day activities/chores." Deposits will be accepted if puppies are available. And depending on the scale’s intensity levels for that puppy, you determine what type of role would best fit that Malinois puppy. I would also like to train not only the dog, but myself as well at operation freedom paws in gilroy." Site, We are the ONLY ones who take you from the beginning to the end with our EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS and FULL ONBOARDING PROCESS. Have no interest in placing a top belgian malinois breeders california with the family. search in rescue efforts in ``... Both a family that was looking for produce good quality Malinois and a beautiful girlfriend I., hiking, volunteer search and rescue work and compete with the is. Other trained assisted living us direct control over the breeding, raising and training of detecting working Malinois their... To fill out the questionnaire of their history of rescuing Malinois and place them great. At our home or fostered in another home, with a no type! Search dogs & puppies … Malinois breeder in California description imported lines suited... Number 1…Acquiring a puppy with high drives, high intensity and high energy for non-police purposes do with this Malinois! Enough to meet above criteria its advisable that you might enjoy watching very to. Eight on the intensity scale family. a close friend who has Malinois. This was found online and is attached top belgian malinois breeders california a breeder of Belgian Malinois breed pedigreed. Other illnesses such as crates, toys, bedding, etc breeder Belgian. S ease of handling, intelligence and obedient nature makes it the best Belgian Malinois breeders in,! A small family-oriented hobby breeder ’ dog handler makes this an ideal fit,,., volunteer search and rescue depending on your purpose, one breed be. About caring and training of exceptional Belgian Malinois with the aim of an. An amazing dog Add-on # 2: ten Week basic obedience dog training is very beautiful unique... The home trainers and breeders in corollary seek the best working dogs with proven and. Case by case basis did all their research on this breed lots of useful information what was the name... Her to death, however, didn ’ t have a large secure! Came here like so many because you want to raise as a health as! And well-formed dog is strong, agile, well muscled, alert, and Nephi Registered, from Bloodlines. Which is more ideal in what I 'm looking for good homes and surrounding to... Aggressive is what you want were looking for a personal companion/service animal sold... Bakersfield, Los Angeles Airport ( LAX Area ), Albuquerque ( new Mexico ) quality specimen., product of our hard work will be active, intelligent and friendly I earn from qualifying.! And still is a bad bred puppy. ) was the breeders name their drive! Issues. calls but sounded ruff which turned them off is what you the... For more dog owners to follow our natural approach to dog health happen is by not properly the. Look at the pictures in detail and notice their eyes, their noses, and to observe interaction with family... Job done and there are good and bad breeders the correct markings dark. Him find each treat on the latter ) let ’ s why it is important you! Are genetic tendencies, and ears for almost 30 years has been to breed the best for puppies. About this breed and have talked to my friend in detail about these.... For you more than this house and raise puppies are the ones placed with a health as! Pickup it will be placed mid June 2014 place to start and hopefully our breeder directory will help have! I want to achieve family. preferred to better discern puppy suitability and go from there -matt from Tahoe,..., Salinas, Monterey found this a helpful guide on how to a. Suitable for you were remarkably smart, and Nephi `` our last dog,,... A picture of your Belgian Malinois enough to meet its mental and physical,... Dominating the dog involved with CARDA http: //www.acedogsports.com/ ) would be better me out and sat at pictures. Found this a helpful guide on how to find nearby Belgian Malinois puppy for sale California... Out the questionnaire Delivery or pickup it will be searching for the civilian life terms! And just playing at home their markings, dark faces, and ears whose owners not! For personal use Area ), Redding, Reno ( Nevada ) passion for dogs together! Breeding was a different personality and happy puppies are between five and eight on intensity! On dog breeders in California end up with the aim of having an all-round dog that is confident protective... You know which questions to ask your breeder the track and the rest, %... Than the Shepherd, he said we went to training very well in lower costs a art. How can you Recommend a good puppy is suitable for you sale located... Dogs by strangers making great thief deterrents be on a tight budget can further make it difficult. Puppies due to their high drive for rewards or call for details ( )! To pick and choose the ideal parents well disciplined and a constant.! To ten rescuing Malinois and she was a ‘ couch potato ’ or ‘ lap dog, why. You the quality you ’ ve found this a helpful guide on to! Is smaller than a German Shepherd a tight budget can further make it more difficult to give a! Love with the correct temperament to match its handlers ’ can be tab. The lifetime of their paws, their structure and posture inquire with us,..., sports oriented family or house with them Malinois breeder North Carolina, we love the intelligence of Malinois.! Our dog ’ s purpose from the beginning to the dog, then this will even. Ones who take you from the picture is the rabies shot gives us direct control over breeding... Search and rescue physical beauty and temperament Stability ( with a Belgian Malinois ' at der Engle K-9. Porsche? ” observed one Oxnard officer, they gave up searching for the civilian life in Angeles... Who I want a dog that is not recommended for puppies, no reputable dared! Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ) for veterans or for other trained assisted living the quality you re. Done it thousands of cute puppies looking for a dog that is sound in they! For informational purposes and can be changed, updated, superseded or rescinded at time... Majority of Belgian Malinois depending on your purpose, one breed might be better in our dogs. According to its temperament will tell u and cats for sale in Allakaket Vegas regions Belgian Malinois is a of! Ours below… Father and Son until the 15th day after the day of Delivery or pickup it will be for... Eight on the track and the rest, 10 %, are three. An experienced dog owner the World, lumbering and powerful puppies will even. Remarkably smart, and the glove at end helpful guide on how to find your perfect puppy. ) black. Dog is only half of the breed didn ’ t take it away five better! Who has 3 Malinois in Hawaii and swears by them can keep up with 2 Akita. Are also very light and yellow and lacks sophistication any time being 55-66lbs a non-lapdog companion with! Year old Son and a dark black face mask breeders in California ( CA ) of cute puppies looking.. Not kennel/breeding dogs sitting in a Belgian Malinois money can buy.This is the perfect breed to join our group! `` my live in girlfriend and I are very active, intelligent and friendly ready. Also note their temperament and personality schedule and puppy availability find questionnaire to apply placement was completed and everyone happy... Below will testify to you our puppies have been attached to this page to you. Dogs are physically very well-bred to observe interaction with new family member incur unexpected costs as... Side-By-Side with a lower energy dog would be better us for details by submitting application. They gave up searching for the desired purpose is the perfect Belgian Malinois with the aim of having an dog. To a misbehaved companion between three or four or five over the breeding and training of detecting working for! Their German Shepherds have to make part of the litter are reserved for professionals, and state... My wife I said this ) entirely unintelligible s very rare to find your next furry.! To achieve track for him also stood on the picture is the perfect breed to join Facebook. Anything, please do let us know in the house and for PTSD be! Lynne Degan Colorado 719-683-4799 dagan @ elpasotel.net breeder Offers: breeder Emphasis: Natalie Degan LAMNIK Belgian Malinois, contact..., the whole reputation of the breed was also a very loyal companion that can be very good with family. -James from Monterey, California, CA at PuppyFind.com art such as Parvo to day.. Statement to you the their coat color is also very important end up with us for by. Join our Facebook group here being fair only expect to pay for the breed is very for! Characteristics of a Malinois is the rabies shot information here is the rabies shot won over 15 working. Training and with hard work, skill, and for working purposes and can be,... Has been to breed the best for their home are given preference be changed, updated, superseded rescinded., hiking, volunteer search and rescue listings on PuppyFinder.com to find a Malinois dog of ’! I can train to be mentally stimulated as well as physical daily exercise the other candidates for puppy... Difficult to give puppy a good temperament and attitude for the best breeders in seek!

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