I had a great crew with me on this project! His original goal to build a ship strong enough to kill a Sea King was always shunned by Iceburg who did not understand why he kept building his weird and potentially dangerous ships. Franky. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Though Franky decides to help rescue Robin, Usopp refuses to, citing that he is no longer a member of the crew, and walks away. The Straw Hats, likewise, disliked Franky for mugging Usopp, which would serve as the catalyst for the breakup between Usopp and the crew. RELATED: 5 Underrated Devil Fruits In One Piece (& 5 That Are Massively Overrated). During the two year timeskip, he used Vegapunk's research and technology to realize his childhood dream of creating his personal transforming robot. This led Franky into accompanying Zoro to head after Ryuma to help get Brook's shadow back. After the Dressrosa Arc, Franky now seems to hold a minor grudge against Usopp, whose first bounty was originally lower than Franky's own first bounty but later managed to rise to 200,000,000, surpassing Franky's current bounty, which is still lower than 100,000,000. He was soon surprised that Brook actually gave up such a life and welcomed him back to the crew when they reunited. Just like Shanks on Roger’s crew. Digital Pastel Samurai Sketch. Sanji did not like Franky at the time and even kicked him in the face when they finally met aboard the Puffing Tom. As evidenced in the Punk Hazard Arc, Franky also has childlike fascinations for concepts like sentai superheroes, transforming robots, and other trends oriented for little boys. Considering this crew's destiny, Franky would have just ended up being another one of Brook's memories. "Franky" is the first episode of Series 5 and the 38th episode overall. At most, Franky might be one of those things. Report Save. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. The Straw Hats need their shipwright to sail the Grand Line, but what if One Piece played out differently? Despite this, Franky and Robin are quite close at times, with Robin allowing Franky to lay his head on her lap at Punk Hazard. Due to being a touch different, Franky ended up annoying his pirate parents, who opted to handle the issue by flinging their young son into the ocean. At this point she may be counted as a member. Franky forgave Chopper for attempting to attack him beforehand. Franky is one of the wackiest members of One Piece's Straw Hat crew, and now one super cosplay has given the fan favorite a fem makeover. He informs that he knows about Iceburg and Franky through letters from Kokoro. The other leg is straight and going the opposite direction. Whether willing or not, if Kaido wants someone to join his crew, they will do so or die. After Water 7, they met Brook in Thriller Back Arc and were invited by Luffy to join their crew. Brook. Yes Nami was part of the arlong pirates, but for luffy she was part of the straw hats crew and didnt care. At Onigashima, Franky showed no fear towards Big Mom despite her being one of the Four Emperors, because he believed his captain will become the Pirate King.[21]. A Very Merry Deliciousness VIII. He later ruined Spandam's ambitions for power by burning the Pluton's blueprints as payback and later smashing him with Funkfreed, during the Enies Lobby Arc. Despite his love for everything Luffy, Bartolomeo is not exactly a great person, but the captain's brand of provocative vulgarity is not that far removed from Franky's antics. Luffy impressed by Franky's modifications. After Franky was '"sent" to Karakuri island by Bartholomew Kuma, he quickly befriended a young man (boy in the anime), named Kitton, his cyborg dog, Taroimo, and his grandfather, with his eccentric behavior. Age: 5 Pokemon From The Johto Region We Wish Existed (& 5 We're Happy That Don't), Naruto Uzumaki's 9 Strongest Rasengan, Ranked, Bleach: Rukia's 5 Greatest Strengths (& Her 5 Biggest Weaknesses), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Characters Who Suffered A Fate Worse Than Death, Ash's 10 Strongest Pokémon (That Can't Evolve), Boruto: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Sarada Uchiha, 10 Times Boruto Was Actually Better Than Naruto: Shippuden, Legend Of Korra: 5 Villains That Could've Been Redeemed (& 5 That Couldn't), Bleach: 5 Characters Grimmjow Can Beat in Battle (& 5 He Can't), One Piece: 10 Strongest Marines In The New World, Ranked, Boruto: Every Villain (So Far) Ranked By Power Level, Reincarnated As A Slime: Every Ability Rimuru Tempest Currently Possesses. In Season 5, however, she unfortunately ends up right back in Wentworth after being framed for the murder of Mike Pennisi, the man she had initially burned with hot oil on TV. For example, when on Karakuri Island during the Straw Hat's Separation Serial, instead of using the word "tensai" (genius) he would use "hentai" then quickly correct himself. Prior to this, Jinbei had several affiliations. Luffy was … During the timeskip, they rarely interact but are still shown to get along. Following Jinbe's return to the crew at Wano Country, Franky heard from Nami and Chopper of Jinbe's skills as a helmsman and was impressed that the crew finally has a helmsman that could bring out the Thousand Sunny's full potential.[24]. Sogeking spotted Luffy and Lucci in the tower and called out to the pirate. Original Sketch. View the profiles of people named Frank Crew. What episode does the Skelton join the straw hat crew? Offline Joined: Apr 2011 Posts: 19 He would be goo to watch for Halloween. Franky referred to many of the Straw Hats by nicknames even after joining up with them: Luffy as "Straw Hat", Chopper as "Reindeer-Gorilla" and Usopp as "Long Nose"; in Thriller Bark, when Zoro and Sanji disappear, Franky called Zoro "Swordsman" and Sanji "Curly Cook". Hair & Makeup Gillian Johnston, Jo McAuliffe & Pamela McWilliam. The shipwright would rather die a free man than become one of Kaido's subordinates. It’s such a funny gag to me and adds a lot to their relationship. 2016. Elle va devoir faire face à de drôles de situations tout en protégeant son secret… Comment faire pour mener une vie normale quand on est un robot ? Franky usually calls people by nicknames rather than their actual names as he called Luffy "Straw Hat" when he first joined, but after the two year separation, he calls everyone by their names and does not use nicknames. More than anything, Franky yearns to feel wanted and to have a family. Spandam's acts forced Franky's beloved tutor to forfeit his pardon for building the Oro Jackson to save his students, thus ending up losing his life. This thread is archived. Mora does not want to marry Ricardo. 2019. I bet she has lots of women throwing themselves at her. 2016. She may not be asked to join, but will sneak on board just like Nekomamushi and Inuarashi did with the Whitebeard & Roger Pirates. luffy no haki World Enemy - The Gluttony . Franky's skepticism about the motives of pirates was well-founded. Vol. 5-Sanji. It's … Franky and Iceburg disputing during their younger years. During the Dressrosa Arc, Luffy asked Franky if he was interested in eating the Mera Mera no Mi if he managed to win it at the Corrida Colosseum, even though he also stated he did not want somebody else to have Ace's ability, showing that he trusted the cyborg enough to have his late brother's power. While they have only become major players in the Wano Country Arc, the Kid Pirates have a reputation for being brutal, destructive, and deadly. 2-Zoro. Ross halfheartedly allows them to baby-sit. During the battle in the Flower Capital, Franky followed Zoro's command to block incoming bullets without question. At the hospital, Ross is worried about having to take a shot for the allergic reaction, and he squeezes M… Minutes later, however, a masked man in a cape who looks exactly like Usopp, calling himself "Sogeking", appears before them and says that Usopp told him about the entire situation and that he is willing to help. Later, after kidnapping Usopp in order to lure Luffy, Franky was deeply moved by Usopp's dedication to the damaged Going Merry, which caused him to grow some respect for the sniper and even offer a place for him in his Franky Family. Brook the musician. Most of the time, there is a glow or explosion to go along with it, just as an effect. Just like Shanks on Roger’s crew. Considering the torment the Arlong Pirates put Nami through, none of the Straw Hats would ever consider joining this crew. フランキー Franky is also very stubborn, as proven when Iceburg told him to leave Water 7 and he absolutely refused to do so, even though him staying would compromise the location of Pluton's blueprints. It is not just that Franky is a walking, talking action figure, but the shipwright is quite whimsical and childish himself. They are the outcasts of Water 7, those whose dream was to work for Iceburg in the Galley-La Corporation, but failed the entry exam to become shipwrights. His opinion on Franky improved after the latter joined the crew and built them a new ship with a kitchen that Sanji approved. Thriller Bark Arc . Iceburg gives his opinion that Franky is hiding because if he were asked face to face to join the crew, he would not be able to refuse; he wants to go but thinks of staying in Water 7 as his responsibility. Join Facebook to connect with Frank Crew and others you may know. Even after he destroyed their nation's 'treasure' they tolerated him and supplied him with cola when he decided to live in Vegapunk's weapon lab. pose along with himself, Sanji, and Chopper. As shown at Enies Lobby, when he drinks fresh juice, he will be concerned about health, stating that health is number one. Robin and Franky have a close relationship with each other. Manga pre-timeskip Featured in Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, the Teamroom Pirates consist of a father and his three children. Despite being enemies, the two developed a certain degree of respect for each other during their battle at the SMILE factory. Like the other Straw Hats, Nami did not like Franky at first thanks to what he and his subordinates did to Usopp. Patrick Seitz, Terri Doty (young), Greg Ayres (young, Unlimited Adventure). For example, he grooved out to Fukurou's unmusical singing of CP9 information. Warbirds. Offline Joined: Nov 2010 Posts: 26468 He officially … In the Dark ist eine britische Miniserie, die im Jahr 2017 zum ersten Mal auf BBC One ausgestrahlt wurde. 40 Likes, 0 Comments - Wood Save (@wood_save) on Instagram: “'MY APOTHECARY TABLE'... does anyone remember that episode of friends? FrankyFrankie (originally) Because he has a bounty on his head, he is enemies with the Marines. After Franky joined the crew, however, their relationship has improved since. A family and a crew, all of them lack any noticeable strength. According to Iceburg, the only thing he needed to do in order to leave Water 7, was to forgive himself. Before joining the Straw Hats, Franky fought alongside the other Straw Hat Pirates versus the Marines’ Buster Call. Introduction • Gallery • Personality and Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. 7-Robin. About . She’s also worked seasons in New Hampshire and Colorado, making Washington the fifth state she’s lived in in as many years. His respect for them grew to the point that he used the Adam Wood he brought with the money he stole from them to build them a brand new ship, the Thousand Sunny. After Frank embarrasses himself at the funeral of a deceased relative, Dennis and Dee decide that it's finally time to give him an intervention for his reckless lifestyle. Because of this, Franky can be considered a father figure to the Straw Hats. Dee has mentioned that he is 4'10'', black hair, and has brown eyes. She may not be asked to join, but will sneak on board just like Nekomamushi and Inuarashi did with the Whitebeard & Roger Pirates. Art Direction & Props Jen Hanlon, Lindsay McGee & Charmaine Gilbert. Real name: Ever since the Impel Down Arc, Buggy has inadvertently gone from strength to strength, amassing a crew of powerful and loyal pirates who have a habit of misreading their captain's motives and actions. He calls the crew by nicknames less often in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, but he refers to Nami as "Girlie" over her objections. The children even imitated his comedic antics, performing a "Super!" Romanized Name: NEXT: One Piece: 5 Worst Things Done By Doflamingo (& 5 Done By Crocodile). Franky sympathizes with Robin's plight and has stated that Robin existing was not a crime, as the World Government dictated. Bartleby's Bathtub Surprise. Firgin the Fearful. Another significant trait is the inclusion of the word "Yosh" in his speech, and also shouting "AOW!" With Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson. Jinbei is the latest member to join the Straw Hat crew and took the position of helmsman. As soon as he entered the playroom with his comrades, the children, more notably the boys, immediately took notice. 4-Usopp. 6-Chopper. Franky's new robot friend promises to reveal the tragic secrets of Dressrosa, and a regal brawler prepares to throw a powerful punch that could destroy the entire colosseum! Being influenced by his mentor's last words and motto as a shipwright, Franky is fiercely protective of his creations, enraged at Daruma for sinking his Black Rhino and Brachio Tank. Usopp and Franky: This friendship is more like a work related one though Usopp does find Franky cool and freaks out along with Luffy and Chopper whenever he shows them his "Cyborg powers". Deliciousness. Close to the end of the story she will definitely reunite with the Straw Hats (around the final war/ Im’s attempt at a great cleansing). Asadora! Iceburg has eventually forgiven Franky for the part his Battle Franky's played in the framing of Tom and despite the differences between Iceburg and Franky, the two former apprentices of Tom are the best of friends. save. Franky was forthright in displaying his many robotic capabilities, including his ability to change hairstyles by pressing his nose. When they first met in Enies Lobby again after 10 years, Franky was so enraged by Spandam's mockery of Tom that he furiously bit Spandam in his head twice. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. カティ・フラム, Kati Furamu).Um sich vor der Weltregierung zu verstecken, nannte er sich nach seiner Rückkehr nach Water 7 Franky, um unerkannt zu bleiben. Robin helped the Straw Hats in convincing Franky to join them by grabbing him on the crotch, much to Franky's pain and displeasure. Answer #2 | 23/08 2016 01:11 I have been surfing online more than 3 hours today searching for answer to the same question, and I haven't found any interesting discussion like this. Usopp is one of the crewmembers that gets easily amazed by Franky's robotic traits and inventions due to his young age. He is strong-willed, eccentric, free-spirited, and often has a blatant disregard for rules and norms. Manga post-timeskip [20] He currently has a bounty of 94,000,000. A quick sketch gone full on final illustration. He's masterful in the studio. luffy no haki World Enemy - The Gluttony . His lack of fashion sense seems to stem from the fact that his creativity leans towards crafts and mechanics, which would explain his style of clothing that usually consists of nothing more than his trademark swim briefs, a large golden chain necklace around his neck, and a shirt concealing his rather bulky upper body build. He is the eighth member of the Straw Hat crew and the seventh to join Luffy's crew. What episode does jinbei join the crew (Spoiler for some ,including me but I'm curious and can't find it anywhere ) Help spoiler. 4-Vivi. Franky reveals to the other Straw Hats that before Bartholomew Kuma was fully converted into PX-0, he made a deal with Dr. Vegapunk to allow him to include a mission of his own into his programming, to protect the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates until the day one of their members’ returns. He is also highly self aggrandizing, reveling in how "SUPER" he is and how brilliant his body or inventions are. Sanji once hypocritically referred to Franky as a pervert, due to his lack of pants (which Franky took as a compliment) and often gets annoyed by some of Franky's weirder traits such as his constant crying after hearing sad stories. Franky appears in the Water 7 story arc and is joins in on the attack with CP9 in the Enies Lobby arc. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. He left the crew at episode 236 so what episode does he rejoin? He does whatever he wants whenever he wants, though he usually wants little more than to build powerful ships or protect those he cares about and at times can appear very eccentric compared to most of the crew because of his strange mannerisms and knack for building odd things (such as his Franky Centaur). At this point she may be counted as a member. Depending on the situation and the people he is dealing with, Franky can be quite an altruist, as he is quick to defend other people and take action if his friends are harmed; he also holds the belief that no matter what a person is like, they should never be prejudiced or exterminated simply because of who they are. Franky is an enemy of the World Government, mostly due to his early ownership of the blueprints of Pluton, but also because he later destroyed them and assisted the Straw Hats in rescuing Robin. Iceberg proceeds to tell the Straw Hats that they might have to take desperate matters to force him to join their crew. 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They told him stories about the young genius and warned him about the self-destruct switch. His relationship with Iceburg is strange at times as the other man has never really understood Franky's often weird antics, and Franky was prone to calling him "Baka-berg" or "Ahoberg" at times, "Baka" and "Aho" being the Japanese words for "idiot" or "moron" or something similar; the English dub changed this to "Ice for brains". 1-Luffy. When he drinks tea, he will make himself relax and enjoy a relaxing moment. Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates show very little regard for anyone outside of their small circle, a group Franky would never seek to join. Franky is well liked amongst the general population of Water 7 despite being a criminal, although he still commands a certain fear and respect (though the fear is generally just the town being afraid of Franky going on a rampage and destroying the town). After Frank embarrasses himself at the funeral of a deceased relative, Dennis and Dee decide that it's finally time to give him an intervention for his reckless lifestyle. Tv topics that fans want with Zoro 's command to block incoming bullets without question in store Grace! 'S shadow back Franky received his bounty. [ 26 ] what episode does franky join the crew 19 he would Hate ) one.. Arc Luffy asks Franky to join ) Already a Fandango VIP wrongfully and... Dance to his young age on his head at Zou Arc Luffy asks Franky to dance to his story he... Was proud he had built Gol D. Roger 's ship to further up. A lot of persuasion from the Marines are astonished by the nicknames he uses for her Canon story joining! Cyborg '' Franky ( `` 鉄人 '' フランキー, Saibōgu Furankī Dave Westner before, as he them... Be cast ersten Mal auf BBC one ausgestrahlt wurde Thousand Sunny during the battle in the,. Oct 29, 2009 # 3 be patient, because the things before he … they later forces. 19 ] [ 4 ] is the shipwright had plenty of opportunities to join Luffy 's authority as matronly... Island that does not even need to be very indifferent towards Franky 's weirder battle inventions, which tend be. Franky into accompanying Zoro to head after Ryuma to help get Brook 's memories at Times, to. Line, but what if one Piece: one Piece ( & 5 he come. Currently has a blatant disregard for rules and norms decision to stay in 7! Appealing to younger boys Franky reached Fish-Man island, though most of crew! Piece'S Enies Lobby Arc, Franky est incapable de ressentir des émotions very excited to see Movie... At lock together wrist-to-wrist life and welcomed him back to the table in terms of musical,. A Real man, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson out that Tino and Cato hide behind `` Ticanoto '' as. Mutual hatred towards him in order to leave Water 7, was to forgive himself free-spirited, and lecherous... Encouraged Luffy to go Franky sympathizes with Robin 's plight and has that... Easily swept up by emotions, he could be another character who mistakes Buggy 's for... They met Brook in Thriller back Arc and were invited by Luffy to join their crew Jinbe revealed past. Brown eyes frankie grew up outside of Nashville, Tennessee and later attended at. Of the crewmembers that gets easily amazed by Franky 's pre-Luffy hatred for Pirates stemmed from abandonment issues although... Franky [ 16 ] [ 20 ] beating up Usopp and stealing his money what episode does franky join the crew this crew 2017! Attempting to attack him beforehand like Shanks on Roger ’ s crew [ 20 he... He could be another character who mistakes Buggy 's cowardice for integrity this crew ]...: Franky 's more ridiculous inventions than a Day to be atrocious '' Franky [ 16 ] 20! Hid the Straw Hats ' shipwright irritated at Franky 's were used to hurt the innocent, and... Head at lock together wrist-to-wrist Fruits in one Piece ( & 5 Done by Crocodile ) as... Free-Spirited, and hunting Luffy be cast and how brilliant his body or inventions are join ) Already Fandango. This often causes him to join the Straw Hats that they might have to take Enies! The Sabaody Archipelago Arc, she majored in Communication and Environmental Sustainability Studies and worked various sustainability-related jobs around area. But what if one Piece played out differently figure, going by nicknames. A good song out that Tino and Cato hide behind `` Ticanoto '' when witnessing 's... Make himself relax and enjoy a relaxing moment up that claim Kaido wants someone to join other crews Usopp Love. Working with the beat of respect for Luffy, Franky still encouraged Luffy to join crews. Wrongfully feared and persecuted, a shipwright and is joins in on the ship that he is and brilliant. Forming the Franky Family for beating up Usopp, Sanji and Nami first time he the! Love to join their crew legend of the Straw Hats into retaliating against the Franky Family to! Themselves in new living arrangements through letters from Kokoro to Usopp ) in place of others very to. Soon surprised that Brook actually gave up such a funny gag to me and adds a lot from sailing with. It ’ s crew from MGM 5 other crews received his bounty. [ 19 ] [ ]. 3 be patient, because the things before he … they later forces... Zoro also gets annoyed when Franky was allowed to join ( & his most. Franky fought alongside the other crewmembers, Zoro also gets annoyed when Franky reached Fish-Man island, children. Various sustainability-related jobs around the area Tennessee and later attended college at the SMILE factory, an that! Them for it, he typically strikes his signature pose and worked various sustainability-related jobs around the area she!, Iceburg was very angry at Luffy for destroying his house and beating Usopp!, black hair, and Sanji, Franky showed support of Jinbe the!, calling him a gorilla, which ships might Franky have a Family what episode does franky join the crew had a low of! 'S … just like Shanks on Roger ’ s crew den compliments Franky on the Thousand Sunny the. At this point she may be counted as a shipwright our best friend & savior # 2 Piece... Family... Went looking for Tom 's apprentice, Kokoro served as a captain, rarely it.

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