I'm glad to see you like this game! That is why FER has the most complex paths and platforms out of all the stages, which in turn makes it an interesting stage to play. Love the game btw :). If I may chip in not a game, but a management suggestion: You should write up a roadmap. Probably 'Esc' to skip or something.Thanks for your comment! Captivity Game. I am at 16 currently and have been scared ~12 times. MaybeMac too in the future. I would say that killing a boss gives an alternative way for players to end a level, and beating a boss would give the option to exit or continue and it can track how early the player beat the boss or how many times they beat the boss in a single run, stuff like that. I'm gonna think of something good one day. That sound bug is easily solved, will be fixed in next update among other bugfixes. Maybe in the future.Gallery mode is not present. I hope this dosnt come off as rude but I think it would make more sense if the futa robots didnt make a metal sound when they rape you, makes it seem like its metal on metal, also will there more futa content in the future? I will look into this issue as soon as I can. I haven't thought about future futa stuff. I'm going to look into it but I don't think I can fix this, only Unity can. Newstagesarecomingsoon though,staytuned! You signed in with another tab or window. #3. . Your work really reminds me of old flash games like The Last Stand zombie shooter, which I think is really great. I've read them all, but I don't have the time or sanity to really sit down and go through every point using my full intelligence and attention. Look there for any information you want. Futa's are fun. This game needs some lesbian love (even though futa's are sort of women too. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. -The starting pistol, imo, is fine as it is, the problem is the pistol weapon class in general. But there's a good chance I will add more of them in future stages. With a wave-based game like this it's perfectly fine without bosses, but it can add a sense of buildup and progression, as well as a fifth enemy for stages. All the data was then gathered by a main server that controlled the game logic for the entirety of the game. I would never be able to release it if I hadn't transformed the game into a wave shooter.The GUI of the note and keypad in the captivity room, and the keypad and key to unlock the Wunderwaffe in F.E.R are a result from the previous iteration of the game. There's nothing to listen to in the PDA, no notes, and I've wandered around for 1/2 hour looking for . I won't spoil what's on the other side of it, but I'll just say you're not really missing anything. Follow the guide and let me know if you can run the game. Explore the bunker and interact with various things - find a way to escape! I see alot of suggestions, ideas and potential fixes for problems in the comments. Work fast with our official CLI. Thanks for the 10$ tip pal, I appreciate it alot! Maybe there's been a patch since I've posted this that fixed the issue I find with it. I started this project out as a linear adventure platformer, but shifted towards what the game is now. I don't have a patreon or anything, I just started out as a game dev by releasing this game. So it makes me abit less nervous to hear good feedback on the drawing and character design. They should be able to quickly fuck the player, because they are small and slimy. Difficulty option sounds good. However, I am quite sure I want to add more pregnancy stuff in future stages. I think the payment never got through to itch. Glad to see you like the game! I like hyonosis stuff too. It honestly makes me happy to see that you like something I've made to this degree), I still have some things to say I just didn't want to put every thing into one comment, but before I will clarify some things from the old commentWith a content menu I mean not customizing the hole game just things some People like and others not, like pregnancy you could limit by how many things you can have inside you, and if the player doesn't like it at all he can set it to 0(setting it to low should then disable the ability to earn achievements because it changes the gameplay to much)And with the metal sounds I have not that much against it, I just saw like you said that someone else didn't like it.although would need to hear it with normal sounds before I make a final decision. Maybe something like having infinite hearts. There was a nasty bug that caused loading issues, which was fixed in v1.0.3. - Some way to restore Strength: I like the idea of Strength being depleted permanently. The Weapons Vendor will remain the same, cause some guns are clearly better than others and I don't like the idea of just buying the same best guns every time you play. The idea came from the popular horror game "5 nights at freddy's". But what? /** * Error Protection API: WP_Paused_Extensions_Storage class * * @package * @since 5.2.0 */ /** * Core class used for storing paused extensions. I'm taking it slow right now, and go step by step. Yeah, Caves are still a git to do, although I did at least manage to *meet* the Musca. i thought it was a free game but from the photos i can see it's a quality game i think. it says its pending. All these enemies have such a potential for an adventure platformer that it makes me sad. to use Codespaces. (generally would like some Bondage in the game)2. Top cover girl and fashion model, Jennifer Tree has it all - beauty, fame, money and power. now I'm on to lab x-18 however I've reached the door after finding the code for it off the dead scientist but it doesn't work. Simple. unlocks the npc's so you can play animations and stuff. This would allow for increasingly more difficult levels or more difficult experiments, but ya gotta balance the grind also. I'm thinking about being able to spend skill-points to upgrade your character stats. captivity game door code. Wow, that forum got filled pretty quickly. I'd like to see about a dozen levels, but I understand that's a tremendously large workload. yes game balance should be the first thing to add, but this is still a complete game for only 3 bucks vs a ton of unfinished games which milk people for years. And does this mean the challenges just reset while playing or something? I am testing a wave cap for it as a couple of the other experiments have a wave prereq also. The source code is located in "scripts" and is separated into 2 packages: Visualizer and Controls. Also don't forget Exposing by pressing 'S'.As for the code for the door: I can't give you that unless you send me your save file (don't lol). Glad to see you're enjoying the game. I think having permanent upgrades -- maybe tied to the experiments, if you wanted players to workfor them, or with a way to turn them off, if players want to experience the game with more difficulty -- would do the game a lot of good. - General buff to all guns: I'm gonna make most guns a bit stronger in damage, including the starter pistol. stage really blows it out of the water with what the enemies do. I'll try with both a fresh unzip and as admin, When ever I click on options it's just a blank screen with the same background as before, credits seems to be the only thing workin. I especially like the F.E.R. Could be fun. Check the windows audio mixer:https://forum.airportceo.com/t/solved-no-audio-sound-anymore/10852, So while the link in question did not lead to an immediate fix, it did lead me to the source of the problem. Comments 13 to 1 of 297 - Captivity (18+) by Perveloper. If you don't want to work out the door and simply want the answer, here it is: Door code solution: 1966. If you have never used ROS or catkin before, I recommend following these tutorials. I'm just a programmer. A mind flayer would be just perfect. I'm guess it a gallery then? I have playtested this game all by myself cause I am not a studio, just a one man developer. not gonna lie bruv, this is fucking amazing, its everything i want in a porn game. and yeah, the difficulty is much better, you do good work man, id love to see more of it in the future, It won't load the game for me or access options at all :( I don't know what's up. Look around with the mouse. These codes are rewards given out by the developer that can be redeemed for Knobs and Revives in the gam e, both important currencies that can be useful to help your character on its DOORs journey. Also when you mind broke and restart in the bunker let us get out of bed quicker as having to wait about 15 seconds every restart is a bit annoying. Her face appears on covers of hundreds of magazines. How to Unlock the Door | A Captive Audience | Control Game (Side Mission Guide) 8,497 views Aug 28, 2019 1:02 Find a way into the room 1:56 Use seize to complete the astral plane challenge 120. When the AI bugged out at the Space Station, did this occur right after being fucked by one of the enemies? It's randomly generated for every player. I of course don't know how you made every thing but, Currently enemies have only one h-animation if it would be easy to add more than one you could see a Gangbang animation just as another animation where you check if gangbang compatible enemy is nearby and then chose this animation instant of the normal one. mostly on the pace station level i think. Also i believe i bought and download this game around 1 AM and played it till about 9 AM more or less straight so those scores are very good because of that. Wait, you already got to the ending? I did found out how to get the head humper off which makes sense now but the egg laying/ birthing can be a bit annoying in the middle of a fight. And honestly they are not that super amazing or revolutionary or anything. A ton of Anaphrodisiac. Especially with all the different types of clothes that are around. 5 bucks by now. It helps. Are you sure you didn't move files around in the game folder? I'm gladtohearyoulikethetrailer, I hope youlikethegameaswell. $14.99 Enter the Kingdom. I'm gonna think about it. A few Textures from CC0 Textures . Hmm.. (or harder for masochist())-I also have a few Stage/Enemy ideasI noticed that no enemies are normal Humans closest would be Zombies or maybe the Futabots. You can run each package with the following commands: This directory contains all the ESP code. If this is not the case, the game will go on pretty much forever. Transitioning from mouse on the side that is the direction the character is moving to behind the character needs a bit slower of a deceleration. Reading all the comments makes me a little dizzy, simply by the sheer number of cool ideas and kind words. If you have 0 Strength and consume 2 Buffout, you're already back in the game. Then again i might just not active the puppet robot next time to see if i can do better. Can't wait to see what you do next! Thank you for enjoying the game. Shack wave 41 could have gone farther but was getting bored and wanted to try the other stages at the time/ is the mostbalance of all the stages, Cave wave 13 Just fuck the maggots and flys, with the lights on the stealth boys aren't to much of a problem it just you have tomake sure you are always moving on that map tho. Basic Level Help: ----- The door codes are for the doors that you have to hit the little blue buttons on. Cunnilingus to the spider Queen, of course, is available, but this is a bit not what I want. I slept 4 hours today and woke up to immediately start attending class (which I'm attending right now). Malerouille (395) Strategy Tailbound In this video i show you guys how to beat the puzzle in Door 50!Doors: https://web.roblox.com/games/6516141723My profile: https://web.roblox.com/users/143713. I personally enjoy the cave and space station enemies the most because I'm honestly into it, but I feel there should be a warning for bloody effects in the animations which weren't given when I first started to play this. Notice that in the experiments tab the final experiment of stage scores is always 20 (Shack Expert, Cave Expert etc). I think this is a common issue with antivirusses when it comes to games that are not wrapped by a trusted source such as Steam. I believe the dev has said that there'll be more levels and roughly 4-ish enemies per level to fight and see what they do, and I look forward to it. So like, this example code here : 3 4 2 1 = means: Bottom right, bottom left, top left, then top right will open the door. from this msg being sent, i started the game and new game about 2 mins before. Are you considering branching out to other platforms to advertise/create a presence? A gallery option is needed I think. And yes, this is the first H-game I've released. I will post a devlog with what I will be working on soon. Maybe in a future update I will. but how long is the wait time for the load up? Shouldn't they take that down? Till we talk again my friend have a very happy day :). I think that you can leave this as a gamemode as an addition, but make a full fledged adventure out of it Btw. There have been a lot of good recommendations and compliments in the comments so far so I don't have a ton to add, but I don't think anyone mentioned the idea of bosses. Kill x of y could also reward small perma upgrades like +10% damage vs them, Kill x with z weapon, similar, + % damage, or recoil reduction or discount at the vendor, A small one but not sure how difficult it would be to implement, a in-round pause with access to the options, audio, controls ect, I'm always forgetting a button. However, the Strength drain and Libido increase could be lowered quite a bit. In this game you play as a young girl, kidnapped and taken to a strange place underground. Captivity - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods, guides and improvements for every PC game Anonymous edits have been disabled on the wiki. Maybe try itch support. But this is a pretty big change, so don't wait for it right now. Right now I'm studying too so I don't have allthetimetoworkonCaptivity. Now that i played the last stage i will say that it is hard to do without access to the weapon shop early but not to hard as it seems as the different enemies don't start to spawn till you open certain doors which i did like but fuck the puppet cloaking till she near. Check the Data tab to see each enemy and their special attacks.- Maggots: same story as Flies. I love where this is going, still needs some balancing here and there but overall this initial release offers more content than many other games that have been around for way longer without smelling greed too much. Any criticisms imo are heavily outweighed by how well done everything else is. )Pirates maybe?Hell : Devil and such.Accordingly Heaven : Angel, Pegasus and so on.Ranch: Horse, Bull, Pig.Could you say what we can roughly expect in the next big update ?And is this you first H-game?Lastly I want to say I hope I don't come over entitled, like I want that and that these are just some Ideas (Except Gallery that's an order ;D) and I just really like this game a lot and want to see it becoming even better. I am not lying that I would pay for a button or slider just for that singular sfx*Edit*Scratch that, the Master volume can be off and it still plays the fly sfx ahahaha. Thanks!You're the second person to suggest permanent upgrades. Not really in a level, but the door he's referring to is a keypad-locked door to the far right side of the room you wake up in when you start the game. And that in only about 2.5 days. Subscribe? Some commendably quick balancing there, had trouble getting to wave 10 on Shack previously, but Casual, I quit after 21? The white android up top that comes alive after turning the switch on is also just for fun, no gameplay elements are involved.I 'm not sure what you mean with emergency end button. Gallery mode? Gameplay:-. That's why Patreon is a bad idea I think. Hi, great game! Collectible (1/1): Upon entering the next area, make a hard right and follow the path . Return to game. Haven't tried caves yet though, that's the real test, and I see you've got a fair amount of critique there already, as well as a fair amount of suggestions overall. It's still real hard, even after the 1.01 patch. Maybe one of these posts can help you:https://steamcommunity.com/app/255710/discussions/0/135511027320265206/https://forum.unity.com/threads/no-audio-in-unity-games.532872/Are you sure the game is not muted? It is Leaps better than most H-platformers, but there is still something off. I am not sure if I am the firs to suggest it. but the site says the area code didnt work so it never said i bought the game. It's definitely in my todo-list right now, so stay tuned.I don't care too much about the cheat engine stuff. When you buy a game on itch you get a link through which you can download new files for free for this product. No dates, no release shedule, just a list of things you are working on or planning to do, roughly ordered by how important or sure to be added they are. I'm not sure if you're aware, but a lot of discussion about this game has been going on in the F95zone forums, just in case you didn't know or something. But building entire levels that look good and make sense is beyond me. But I'm starting to think the damage the guns do is fine. That's about 33% the reason why I released the game. The same fetish can't drop twice.That Head Humper bug is garbage, I'm getting on it right away. Also, just in case you don't know already: Flies cannot face fuck you if you are not facing them while they are charging you. Wow, good work! Finishing it all how do you get some of the experiments done like the face assaulted 25 times or the impregnated 25 times stuff without being mind broke? Freely used 3D models by Kenny or Google Poly. What is it you find hard? First of allyour game is absolutely amazing that's why I want it to be even better.-I have a few ideas, most importantly I hope you know that you are not allowed to NOT add a Gallery, This game is to good not to have one, And or an Arena where you have no lives only Pleasure and Libido and you can spawn enemies yourself or with a wave system too but you can decide which enemies can spawn.-I think something like a content menu where you can toggle things like pregnancy or Futabots don't have a metal sound or dropping your weapon on some attacks would be nice so that every Player can decide how they want to play the game.-Gangbang is something I personally would definitely want, It fells just wrong when they are 20 Zombie or Flies(hope that's the English name) around you and only one is using you, but I saw that some else also recommend it and you said that it would be difficult to implement I can just cross my fingers and hope.-You already change the difficulty a bit which was definitely needed, will properly need further testing until it's good enough and while saying that difficulty settings for people how aren't so good at such game but still want to enjoy it wouldn't hurt. Anaphrodisiac lowers your Libido, which in turn will make your Pleasure rise much slower, which in turn makes you orgasm and mind break less quickly. The remaining 66% of my motivation is to develop a good, fun game.But I see what you mean. You're not rude at all. Please Btw, I think it would be interesting to add some kissing animations for the "Hypnosis" theme enemies. stage. Wow, thank you for the kind words! A girl has been. I did this on purpose cause I don't want people to play the game while crouching 95% of the time. Thanks for reporting!I'm not going to move the vendors closer I think. I'm just gonna make it quicker.I'm thinking of nerfing a bunch of enemies, mainly:- Flies: I think I'm gonna reduce Strength drain and Libido increase on sex. The server was also made in a way that it is easy to implement a .json file with instructions to automated the whole game. Other stuff like new stages and Gallery mode is way more important at the moment.Also, it's pretty hard to balance the sex escape mini-game. The Visualizer package is used to see all the sensor info in real time of the game/nodes and the Controls package is used to control any node that has an actuator/controllability. Thank you for bringing it up, it's a good change. Some animations are too long (like Goblin Minor animation). :). Will fix it in next patch. We wanted to recreate a similar gameplay but in real life. The postal code that has a 6 in the middle goes last. To me the game is too easy: but that's most likely due to me playing the game for over 150 hours due to playtesting.I think you're right about the difficulty of the game. When escaping from/finishing a rape, if you hold down a directional button BEFORE you escape, the player character stays still, I have many times gotten in a "stun-lock" because I was holding a direction and I couldn't escape. You obviously have a ton of talent but burnout is real. Hmm interesting thought regarding the damage boost, I'll think about it.Thanks for your feedback. But I wonder whether most people are interested in completely customizing their player experience or not. Or both? maybe you should add some rewards that give you some starting wave bonuses, like extra money or a starting weapon. Yes it's annoying to start birthing/laying eggs in the middle of a wave. Can you give me some details? . Captivity (18+) may contain content you must be 18+ to view. Captivity | Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough CJUGames 120K subscribers Subscribe 934 Share 17K views 3 years ago #Captivity #IndieGames Escape-The-Room puzzle game. Mo Shaonan, known as a play boy, who often flirts with girls. I wouldn't get rid of it but maybe make it happens at the end of the round and birth all at once justwithout the timer counting down? Avoid getting knocked down by vicious enemies who desperate to satisfy their wicked desire. (Similar to the fingering sound)I think the first half of the Zombie grabber animation a bit to long it would be nice if he would bite you only halfassoften but does twice the damage not to hard just a bit to longSmall unity questions.Is there a reason why you save your progress in the game files and not somewhere on the system so that you don't need to replace the file on every update, like Application.persistentDataPathnot an expert hope I am not missing something.https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Application-persistentDataPath.html, And for real that's your first game I am stunned, can't wait to see what stuff you will make with even more Experiencein some years. Normal mode is the mode that the game always used to be, so nothing changes until you switch to either Casual or Hard difficulty. Despite its cozy appearance, it clearly hides something sinister. Oh, thanks, I thought progress will being reset. Which is fine since this is a porn game first, wave shooter second but most people are going to get around wave 8 on most maps for a while then drop it and move on which is why sometimes you sadly have to make a game easier then attended if you want lots of players or give a small buff here and there to keep their attention and play longer.
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