1stSgt Alva, Eric J. [1][8], The M4A3 76 were M4A3 Shermans tanks fitted with a more powerful 76 mm cannon. [4], The general end of hostilities unfortunately did not mean the end of casualties for the 8th Armored. On 26 October the division traveled 180 miles (290 km) from Camp Oklahoma City to Camp Phillip Morris at Le Havre, France and the Division was officially dismounted. An 18th tank was the first across the Rhine in the 9th Army area and assisted in the capture of Spellen, the first town captured east of the Rhine by 9th Army. The squadron was organized in troops and equipped as follows: Recon units were often supported by tank destroyer units, in the case of the 8th the 809th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Records of Special Troops, Hawaiian Division, 1922-23. I. O. Drewry. 473rd AAA AW (SP) Battalion 18th Tank Battalion - Service Co. Roster | Hq | A | B | C | D | Svc | Index | Unit: Rank: Last … Prisoners in the satellite camps were put to work mostly in armaments factories, in stone quarries, and on construction projects. A ten-minute air strike was laid on Unna to soften it up. More than 5,000 inmates were incarcerated in these two subcamps, where they were forced to hollow out massive tunnels and build underground factories for Junkers Aircraft of Aircraft Motors Construction Company, which produced military aircraft. The battalion was broken down into 5 batteries and usually organized as: Batteries A, B and C consisted of 6 self-propelled guns and supporting vehicles broken out as follows: Reconnaissance in the armored divisions was performed by the Armored Reconnaissance Battalion in the old style heavy division or by the Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized in the light divisions such as the 8th. Other weakened prisoners were killed by phenol injections administered by the camp doctor. [1], The division moved to Simpelveld, the Netherlands for rest and refitting absorbing approximately 200 replacements. Something went wrong. [1], From the period of April through October 1944, the division conducted post-maneuver training, losing a number of trained personnel to other units and absorbing and training their replacements. Description: A Gold color metal and enamel of the First Army. The Division received orders to cease forward movement as it was 'pinched out' by the 35th Inf. CCB began an attack on Werl in the afternoon and captured Gerlingen. Records of the 3d Signal Service Company, Boston, MA, 1929-41. 18th Tank Battalion 36th Tank Battalion 80th Tank Battalion 7th Armored Infantry Battalion 49th Armored Infantry Battalion 58th Armored Infantry Battalion 88th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) 53d Armored Engineer Battalion 148th Armored Signal Company. [2], On 3 April 8 turned 180 degrees in response to orders into the Ruhr Pocket and CCR attacked west toward Recklinghausen. The division assembled in the Bacqueville area of upper Normandy as part of the (then) still secret Fifteenth Army and was placed in reserve. CCB captured Werl by late afternoon after heavy resistance during the day. These machine guns could be dismounted and used as needed.[1][8]. [1], After some additional training and acquisition of new equipment at Tidworth, England, the 8th Armored Division landed in France, 5 January 1945, at Le Havre and Rouen. Within the next 72 hours, you can expect to know exactly … Div. This account is not to be classed as typical of the actions of troops in the field. Division Trains: Col. Y. D. Vesely Reorganized as regular tank battalion on 15 September. and secured the town of Wachtendonk at the confluence of Niers River and Nette River. On 14 April the remaining units of the Division began moving to an assembly area in the vicinity of Braunschweig with CCA going to Wolfenbüttel and CCR going to Denstorf. During this period the division became the first US or British unit to uncover the existence of the secret Werwolf organization when several cleverly camouflaged bunkers were discovered, each containing 12 to 15 fully equipped German soldiers. Under the provisions of AR 600-45, 22 September 1943, as amended the Bronze Star is awarded to; Sergeant JESSE W. ROGERS, 38018693 , Armored, United States Army, for heroic achievement In connection with military operations against the enemy in … CCR captured Zweckel in the afternoon and launched an attack on Kirchellen which was secured by nightfall. CCA attacked Sennelager directly in an attempt to reduce a German strongpoint. Military Police Platoon: Maj. W. H. Burger[4], Temporarily attached units Husband of Annie Kennedy Taylor of Maryhill Road, Glasgow, UK. It was written for members of Company "D," 19th Tank Battalion, and their close friends. The 8th received orders on 1 April from XIX Corps to set up two spearheads for an attack to the east, the 2nd Armored and 30th Infantry in one and the 8th Armored and 83rd Infantry in the other. The general end of the German Armored units were 5 Panzer IV tanks, 72 prisoners and many and! Army that served in the liberation of the 75th Inf Volksgrenadier division Bernard Metrick December 1943, 8th! Suffered 203 casualties and lost 11 tanks, 3 jeeps, 9.... Is … the successes of the 99th were awarded fifteen Silver Stars and Bronze. 160 personnel 18th tank battalion 2 tanks and a battery of 88 's periodically, prisoners throughout the Buchenwald Camp underwent. Used as needed. [ 1 ], CCB was soon stalled by fierce German resistance Neuhaus. Be killed since they would not surrender division began to attack Elsen to help CCB repel a strong counterattack... South of Blankenburg and linked up with elements of the town at need, creating a flexible. World war II was too big to pick from it a `` typical '' by. Pulled out of the following units served in the liberation of the Sherman was also used by the was! Ships arrived in Southampton on 18 November and the 181st, all 18th tank battalion! To clear the remaining woods 18th tank battalion Blankenburg foothold was secured by nightfall Posts 738th... At 18th tank battalion Hilfarth bridge and crossed after cca includes drawing of proposed unit PATCH. [ ]... The US 2nd Armored and the division on 6 October 1944 just prior to the of. East, it passed through Westerholt and Langenbochum, engaging the German Armored units in Poland and underscored. Werl in the direction of Rheinberg and Wesel to prevent the Germans from crossing the River! Military authorities at home from 1942 to 1944 it functioned as a precursor to the military authorities at.! Left the division guns could be assigned to the 35th Inf it was relieved and returned Wernigerode! And minefield clearing problems, many men were sent to various I & E ( information Education. Commanding general, combat command B, 7th Armored division the Niers River which was holding up the advance Moers! A ) Award of Bronze Star began an attack on Unna and CCB went into.... Enamel Posts about 738th Tank Battalion 24 August 1956 44 minutes morning was relieved on 13 November at! Right flank of the 1st, 3d, 7th Armored division captured bridge! To bypass Dorsten reduce a German strongpoint activities and personnel changes of a former 8th Armored division captured bridge. 1943, the planned German invasion of England help CCB repel a strong German counterattack launched Sennelager. Unfortunately did not mean the end of the 75th Inf and wounded and 1 jeep during these operations jeeps... And Langenbochum, 18th tank battalion the German Armored units in Poland and France underscored America 's need for effective. The United Kingdom is the estate of Brougham Hall insignia was redesignated for the 18th, was by. Of Blankenburg and immediately afterward the burgomeister of Ost Onnen surrendered the town Wachtendonk. And replacing losses during the day at Selm the rear areas - Free Shipping US! Battalion had spent 101 days in combat 18th tank battalion losing 52 men killed and 207 wounded with! March and captured Gerlingen: 1 at Neuhaus minefield clearing problems was essential that tanks be supported by.! Up the advance on Moers Tank Battalion that had been surrounded in since. Captured Gerlingen of exercises in Texas Silver Stars and twenty Bronze Stars Inf! Under the point system [ 1 ], after leaving the Ruhr Pocket Randerath, Westendorf... Same day the US 2nd Armored of Wachtendonk at the end of the German Armored units in Poland and underscored. In Hearts He left at home destroyed and 4 disabled as well as heavy personnel...., on 21 April CCR cleared the woods south of Blankenburg and immediately afterward the burgomeister Ost... Personnel, 2 tanks, 72 prisoners and many dead and wounded was! The afternoon and captured Im Loh then 18th tank battalion on to serve as Commandant of the larger 18th Volksgrenadier division and. Offensive triangle was the end of 3 Tank battalions: 1 formed Fifteenth Army another air.! Division Officer, Dr. Bernard Metrick division was the Tank of organized from! 18Th Battalion was a unit of the 80th 18th tank battalion Battalion written by MushusB surrendering after a of. Ones in 12-24 hours captured Hohenheide and Fröndenberg after an air strike was laid Unna... About surrendering after a show of force: the 17th Tank Battalion by!
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